Sony's Total Cost of Force Feed Back: 150.3 Million Dollars

Sony Corp. has agreed to pay Immersion Corp. $150.3 million in ending a patent infringement suit in which the latter company claimed the consumer electronics giant used its technology in the PlayStation videogame console.

The agreement followed Sony's decision to withdraw its appeal of a federal court jury decision awarding Immersion $127.8 million, an Immersion spokeswoman said Friday. The Oakland, Calif., jury found Sony guilty of patent infringement in 2004.

In a separate, but related agreement, Sony has licensed Immersion technology for $22.5 million, the spokeswoman said.

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CyberSentinel4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Dig that debt hole deeper. WTG!

FordGTGuy4251d ago

Microsoft paid the company then bought a part of them.

TheGoodMART4251d ago

Isn't there a another way of making a controller rumble that does not cost 150.3 Mill

techie4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Perhaps...but I still think they'd have to pay up because they're paying for what they used in the ps1 and ps2 had to pay up as well...

MikeMichaels4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

150 million is a dropin the bucket considering just how many Dual Shocks there are out there.

Remeber there are over 110 million PS2 systems out there. God only knows how many controlers but at least double that number and possibley 3 or 4 times.

TheXgamerLive4251d ago

Just days, weeks before this sony was saying that "rumble", isn't needed and that it's next gen. technology and it's not needed in sony or ps3 consoles.

Once again for the millionth time, sony lies and comes crawling back. Now sony fans are going to have to pay $50.00 for another controller w/rumble and wait a year to get games with rumble.

Guess who sony's going to have to soak and bleed from to get there money back

I think it's a good thing for sony but sony should of admitted to this truth instead of making excuses, so now what will they say, oops, our bad? No, they'll say something like, "we've been planning this all along, no thanks are needed and your welcome."

techie4251d ago

Dude. Wow. Lying? They're doing the thing any company would do if they cared about their fans. Say ruble isn't needed, because they didn't have it. If they said "yes rumble is needed this gen" and they didn't offer it, how would that make any sense to sell they're console!

If you want to talk about companies that release extra things...that aren't essential for the gaming experience they are offering then I think you have to look at Microsoft buddy...

gogators4250d ago

at least there is a chance for rumble to return on the PS3. That's all that matters now. Rumble and forced feedback are important feature to me and I glad Sony has a chance to add this function back.

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The story is too old to be commented.