The top 7 first-person shooter storylines

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

The first-person shooter genre has never really been known for its rich storytelling tradition. Only in the recent generation has it become necessary to make up some manner of plot to give rhyme and reason to the endless slaughtering of monsters, aliens, and occasionally Germans.

Even then, many of the FPS games in the recent generation have tried very hard to incorporate it, and many times the offering is as laughable like Evil Dead (God bless Bruce Campbell). Every now and then, however, a blood n' guts shooter will feature a very surpisingly good storyline. Here are the best of them. Why seven? Why not!

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RadientFlux3391d ago

The first time in awhile that I agree with a list with the only game that I haven't played being Marathon.

The Resistance franchise seems to be missing, as it also had a decent storyline. Though I wouldn't replace it any game of the games on the list.

OhReginald3391d ago

did i just see halo on the list?

Alcohog3391d ago

I actually came in here to say the exact opposite. At first I actually thought the list was a joke. Marathon? Really? And how do you not have the original Half-Life? It just makes no sense.

Saladfax3391d ago

The original Half-Life had a great story, they just didn't really tell it in the game.

The_Perverted_Ninja3391d ago

those are all good games but only half of them have a good story

grantps33391d ago

halo has one of the most overdramatic gampaigns ever, and the story line is mediocore.

Saladfax3391d ago

Once again, what so many people seem to fail to grasp: just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not good.