Peter Moore on Blu-ray and the illusion of choice

From this month's EGM:

EGM: in regards to HD-DVD as an optinal add-on, you said in the past, "We're not forcing movie technology on game players, but instead are letting them choose how to personalize their experiences." If this is true, why not sell a Blu-ray player as well?

Perter Moore: Well, because... when we look at HD-DVD, we're looking at a superior format. Microsoft is a backer of HD-DVD for a number of reasons, and I don't see any reason why we should support something that we don't believe in. We believe in HD-DVD.

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Shadow Flare4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

man, Peter Moore made a fool of himself! He was contradicting himself, being laughed at and everything!

Moore stated: "It's about choice"

EGM: "Why not give customers the choice though?" (of bluray)

Moore: "Because the consumer's choosing HD-DVD." [Laughs all around]

What an idiot!

smitty4301d ago

clearly Microsoft backed the wrong format, if only to spite Sony. Now 360 owners that have bought the $200 HD-DVD add-on are essentially going to get screwed as the format dies.

Boink4301d ago

consumers aren't choosing hddvd, or blu ray. the sales for both formats suck.

consumers are chosing neither, DVD sales + digital distribution is kicking the crap out of both formats.

Drew4301d ago

Because HD-DVD is the official Microsoft-supported format? Seriously, WTF? Yeah, like they're going to release a Blu-Ray player.

Thanks for reminding me why I hate the internet, douche.

gogators4300d ago

add on drive to play games, so it's still about choice.

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DC RID3R4301d ago

even if your a die-hard sony fan, you gotta admit moore's a funny guy :]

he's got a comedic attitude, and is not as uptight as a lot of other execs i could mention.

Maddens Raiders4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

that's true but K. Kutaragi takes the lead on satirical (if not slightly demented) humour all the way around. On a serious note though this isn't the first time that Moore's made claims that everything is "OK" witht he MS community because MS says so. Remember this is the same guy that said XBOX owners don't care about BC, albeit that might've been in interoffice mandate and not all of Moore's doing to be fair.

And it's not like SNE exec's, haven't laid out some true gems either, I just think that MS feels a little paranoid right now with that $299.99 HD player sticking out like a sore thumb and they have to find a way to mitigate the situation. Again, to be fair I ask myself -- what would I say?

TheXgamerLive4301d ago

It's $199.99, and HD-DVD is and will be the winning new High Def. DVD format.

Don't count your forced purchased BR as being everyone's choice, b/c it's not.

Thugbot1874301d ago

When you have a company as large as Sony and you let someone like this repeatedly makes a fool of himself while represent the company, makes you wonder if you can even trust the products they put out.

Boink4301d ago

so because peter moore says something you deem as a mistake or stupid, people shouldn't by microsoft products.

If that was true there would not be a single ps3 sold to date as sony execs have said some of the stupidest things EVER.

"gamers don't want rumble"
"the shortages will be fixed soon"
"the next generation doesn't start till we say so"
"yes, this killzone trailer IS in game"

the list goes on and on...and on and on...

Thugbot1874300d ago

I think you totally missed my point. I was only trying to state that generally in competition you don’t support the other team even if you’re wrong or your competitor is better because at the end of the day you are trying to sell your product. You would also think that if a high level executive was constantly messing up public speaking events, you wouldn’t have that person speaking in anymore public events in the best interest of the company. Sony isn’t doing this, so it makes you wonder if Peter Moore is reflection of Sony, then what can you honestly say about the products they produce (Battery Problems, BluRay Shortages etc...) I wasn’t in anyway saying not to buy Microsoft products.

SimmoUK4301d ago

Well they definately backed the wronge format and it was a stupid decision when you consider nearly all the movie studios are backing Blu-Ray...

He should realise without them he's got no software for his hardware which makes it about as good as an expensive doorstop...

DC RID3R4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

planks of wood as your execs (kaz/harrison).

I'm not arguing who's better, I'm just saying that imo, I can relate more to a guy with a satirical sense of humor, rather than some mumbo-jumbo coming from an up-tight exec who looks like he hasn't been laid in a year :]

Ya Digg?

sak5004301d ago

LOL i agree...Sony's execs are people who speak from their behinds and lie through their teeth..They've cried wolf too many times, now even if they speak truth no one will believe them.

InMyOpinion4301d ago

Kaz may be uptight but I like Phil Harrison, mainly because he looks like a mutated baby.