Racist or just funny? You decide.

Does this offend you?

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InMyOpinion4304d ago

What offends me is their stupidity. I don't think they would consider themselves being racist for saying stuff like that about mexicans. If it were black folks they badmouthed it would be a whole other deal. Not in most peoples eyes (I hope), but probably in theirs.

CyberSentinel4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Ron: "its ok, Mexicans aren't people"

InMyOpinion4304d ago

I did'nt listen that far.

MoonDust4304d ago

If you judge anyone by their nationality you are ignorant. Everyone is the same, race is just that. Dumb gamers. I've never herd of them, so that's why i don't care that much they will just go unknown.

techie4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Hm. Yup I agree...wasn't funny. If they were mocking themselves at how stupid they monty python style or south park style...then it'd be funny. But they just come accross as nooobs.

Grown Folks Talk4304d ago

when you are trying to expose how stupid it is. such as borat. he is just using his forum to show how idiotic it is.

Kastrol4304d ago

The quality of this podcast is crap who will ever listen to sh1t

such a sh1t podcast what the hell where they even saying these podcast hosts need to learn english

comments where a disgrace

"Or were we just a bunch of idiots trying to make an entertaining podcast?"

What Entertainment!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.