Namco Bandai's Trusty Bell / Eternal Sonata screenies

The game Eternal Sonata (formerly know as Trusty Bell) from Namco Bandai has an interesting story to say the least. The story takes place in a dream world which centers around the piano composer Frederic Chopin.
The game isn't for everyone, though the graphics are looking pretty good. Japan will be getting it on June 14 this year with the US and European versions soon after. Check out the screens and see if it's for you.

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eques judicii4300d ago

this game is looking so good. the art style is amazing and right now it looks like the best job of cell shading i've ever seen. this will sell well in japan and probably well in the US as well.

ps3604300d ago

this really has a painting-usque quality to it dun-it

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4300d ago

but what about the story/ gameplay? Could end up being a little too farfetched.