New Race Pro screenshots

Media Maniak published few new screens from Race Pro, the new racing simulation from Atari. The game will be released this month exclusively on Xbox 360. According to Atari, there will be more than 47 cars and 13 tracks, but also an online multiplayer mode which will allow you to face 15 other players simultaneously. Downloadable content will also be released on the Marketplace a few days after the official release.

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Speed-Racer3355d ago

those shots look terrible...did they take those photos with a digital camera off the screen or something :S

Helghast Slayer3355d ago

Wow it looks absolutely mediocre. Only possible on the 360. Just when you feel like purchasing one, games like these show you how inferior it really is.

NaiNaiNai3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

only on ps3. XD

and also the 360 seems to be the only system that makes mutiplats look good.