Sony: The Inside Wars

Very interesting interview here guys, a compelling story which uncovers a lot of inner turmoil that's brewing over at Sony H.Q.
In an interview with WJS, Sony President Howard stringer explains why Ken Kuturagi was forced to step down from his position, and the general animosity Stringer is facing from japanese executives, his own employees at the co-orperation.


Mr. Kutaragi was notorious within the company for his reluctance to communicate with his bosses or other units. In 2005, Mr. Kutaragi hosted an event at a big electronics conference in Las Vegas to celebrate the U.S. launch of the PlayStation Portable handheld game machine -- one of the company's biggest products that year. He didn't invite executives from Sony's electronics division, which provided the parts.

Mr. Stringer tried to win Mr. Kutaragi's cooperation with patience. "I've had dinner with [Mr. Kutaragi] more times than I've had dinner with my wife, and that's not really healthy," Mr. Stringer says.

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DJ4305d ago

Cultural clash, executive clash, vision clash, jeez. Amazingly, things are actually looking up for Sony. They've got the most profitable HDTV line, most profitable film/television studios, and their videogame division is still benefiting from the PS2. Now they need to push harder in smaller electronics like their Walkman series and the PSP, as well as continue to improve the PS3's standing.

I was surprised to hear that Kutaragi (along with many other execs) is very quiet, so much that he didn't inform the higher ups when the Playstation 3 R&D went over-budget. The full explanation of the battery issue really shows how hard it is to manage such problems; had it not been the battery issue, it would have been something else eventually.

Keyser4304d ago

In a company with such product diversity and profitablity potential as Sony there's no room for lack of communication. That just violates so many good business practices. He's fortunate that the PS was successful or he'd be fired for something as bad as not reporting that you're going over budget. He was putting his job in jeopardy and it obviously didn't workout as he planned.

I saw an expose on stringer about a year ago and how he was supposed to turn Sony around. I'd say for a mere two years he's done a fine job. They do make some of the best tv's (just bought one and it's amazing) and other electronic devices. I've never been a fan of Sony's memory stick which, restricts it's electronics flexibility to other media storage. I led me away from their digital camera and over to Canon (wonderful camera).
Hopefully Stringer pushes Sony's designs to be a lot more open. It looks as if they're headed that way with the use of Linux. Computer geeks let me know if I'm way off base with that last comment.
Sony and MS are both large company's and there is no room in their competitive market for departments not to communicate. Good move Stringer.

highps34304d ago

They linked it to a forum that has no link posted?

THAMMER14304d ago

No wonder they never seem to be on the same page. Oh well

DC RID3R4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I didn't know he was runnin "HARD-BODY" in the joint!

Mad props to ya Ken, We all miss you shogun! hehee

*gives the imperial salute*

On a serious note though, I think the inside treatment of Stringer (slightly racist, if you ask me), SUCKS.

what's up with the "gaijin" behavior from his own employees,and behind the back bi*ching comments? Jeez, it must be pretty hostile over there.

FeralPhoenix4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

No just kidding, but seriously I always said Ken had a few screws loose, don't get me wrong the guy did a great job for Sony with the original Playstation but I think the success went to his head with the PS2 because everything that came out of his mouth had a arrogant and condesending tone to it(also other Sony exec's)....not that all companies especially successful one's don't talk out their @ss sometimes, but jeez!....past success is just that THE PAST, yes brand name is very important but in business its always a balancing act of continuing to produce hits -you can never rest on your laurels and definitely marketing strategy is always part of the equation, so if you are not a "diehard" loyalist then you have to "sell the customer", not just "pat them on the head" and tell them to "just go buy it already". hmmm, just my 2 cents, its was a Good read either way.

lil bush4304d ago

no one was on the same idea so you know this was bound to happen it was just a matter of time

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