The secret PS3 update

Little Jimmy was a lucky boy: On Christmas morning, he got a PS3. Jimmy squealed like a little girl when he unwrapped the box, rushed to the TV and plugged everything in. Jimmy played Ridge Racer for hours and hours. He downloaded Gran Turismo HD and set some record times.

He was happy, as happy as a little boy could be. Until...

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Raist4278d ago

"Now, you'll need a large HDTV, an HDMI connection, and a very discerning eye to even notice the fuzziness."

Talk about storm in a teacup

Drew4277d ago

But it's too bad that backcompat is being pulled, isn't it?

Maddens Raiders4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

that other than the 1,000 older titles you own (I'm sure) that are playable, you still won't be able to play the thousands of others come launch. Meh, it doesn't matter a/w since you don't have a PS3. Why would you really give a rat's a$$? At least SNE believes that BC

Remember this gem:


TheXgamerLive4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

BC isn't that important. I have only a hand full of prev. Xbox games that I've even only slightly played on my Xbox 360, even though hundreds of games are BC. Most of the time as any "normal" next gen. player is doing is playing Current next gen. games on my new system. ya see the games are so great that the old games aren't worth playing now.

I've been playing GRAW2 multiplayer for example all week and don't or havent even thought of BC, not one time until this article/posting.

it really shouldn't bother you all either, if your so into your ps2 games then keep your ps2 and play them. I mean your not getting more than 29.00 for a ps2 used trade in, so keep it.

BTW, the GRAW2 multiplayer is the "free" demo that I downloaded on Xbox Live for my Xbox 360. But, when the game comes out next week I'll be picking it up. It's great so far.

Maddens Raiders4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

you summed that up rather swimmingly I might add; considering you're the the only XBox360 owner on the planet that really matters (sarcasm). Oh I get and Moore secretly hatched this plan yourself to say that BC wasn' t that important for XBox1 owners, right? I'm sure the legions of XBox 1 owners that were told they don't care about the investments they made before surely could care less when MS crates a new Box and dumps you all again (or at least protests that you don't care about those silly li'l discs).

Yes, I love my old PS2 games and admittedly, if I had a small collection of good games (on XBox1) to choose from unlike the PS2 and PS1 libraries, then I might share a small portion of your attitude. But since the libraries I draw from dwarfs the MS library, maybe you've got something there. So continue with your defending of the "bicep" and the opaque box....that's cool, but your naivety is cracking me up.

Chagy4277d ago

is jimmy real im just wondering lol j/p

Bathyj4277d ago

So whats this story about? He's complaining because Sony are fixing problems but wont tell them how they're fixing them?

God, more wood for the fire.

Oh, and PS3 DOESN'T make your life complete, Sony must have lied to us again.

OldSchoolGamer4277d ago

Its not more wood simply asking questions about promises they continue to plaster everywhere they can and never deliver. Like them I would love to spend a great deal of money to play some new ps3 games. But that isn't really an option since there isn't one out I want to buy yet (may want to rent motorstorm) when it releases. But as of now the selection is junk so BC is what I can hope for, and when sony made such a clamor about BC being vital a couple years back at E3, how can they pull this stuff now? Just some food for thought. Sony be more open! Or was that new bs too?

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