The return of Sega?

Sega appears to be taking the first steps toward reentering the video game console market. If so, it would make sense because there is an opening for another company

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Darkseider3594d ago

As much as I would LOVE to see a Dreamcast 2 I don't think it would be a good idea. Sega is doing just fine making games for all consoles. If they were to release their own it would mean that they would have to make all their multiplats or at least most of them exclusives. NOT a good idea.

Pennywise3594d ago

The death of Sega is near if they do this.

kparks3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

what they need to do is go after a console like nintendo sense there family oriented and stop selling sega based games to nintendo and make a console like the wii or the next wii but better graphics and controllers they can still market to ps and micro or vise versa they need to go after 1 company and if apple would back them would be a great console since the hype of them returning alone will sell consoles or something along the lines of that! would be there best chance not saying nintendo just using them as an example lol

TOSgamer3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

yeah I don't see it either. Sega is in no position to launch another console by themselves. They would need major backing from a big electronics hardware manufacturer to keep costs down and compete. Say Samsung, Matsushida or Toshiba.

gaffyh3593d ago

Not a good idea at all to do this, a 4 console market is too much. I can see Sega doing well if they make a console with another company, but they're already losing too much money to come back into the console market.

Tarmgar3593d ago

I would buy there console just for the shear fact that the Nintendo/Sega rivalry would be back. Heh, remember, "Sega does, what NintenDon't!"

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Marcello3594d ago

No way can this be true, let me explain..

Firstly if this was true then Sega would still need to make an annoucement then it would be another year or so before release of this console so wat is it? a 7th or 8th gen machine? cant be a 7th cos that is just way too late now and if they wanted to make a 8th gen machine then your looking at a price tag of around 1-2 billion dollars. Sega have been losing money for some years & not just a little bit either, 560 jobs are being cut in March so i say to you a new console pppff no way more like either bankruptcy or a merger is most likely on the cards.

kparks3594d ago

its a rumor and labeled as a rumor and a very interesting article

Mike134nl3594d ago

What I would like to see is a joint venture between sega and nintendo, two companie good at hardware and software.

Though a Joint venture between microsoft and sega makes far more sense to me esspecially since Microsoft sucks at the hardware side but does got the financial strength. Also both companies don't really like sony.

cayal3593d ago

You mean like PS3 exclusive Valkyrie Chronicles? Is that how much they hate Sony?

Kevin McCallister3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I'm pretty sure Sony and MS are buddies outside of their gaming divisions. They kind of need each other when it comes to Windows and Vaio computers.

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Dark General3593d ago

I much as i love Sega this would be suicide. I don't think the games industry can support 4 consoles. Period. Sega should just stick to publishing and developing devs. They should make Platinum games a in house studio and buy them already. Bayonetta and MadWorld is already both looking really good.

Kushan3593d ago

I don't mean to burst any sega fan's bubbles, but Sega have had a hard time even profiting from software sales, lately, let alone a new console (which is going to bleed money for YEARS before it has a chance in hell of profiting). Sega just couldn't pull it off by themselves.

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