Editor's Corner: Getting Benchmarks Right

Tom's Hardware writes: "In Monday's first look at AMD's Socket AM3 interface, we observed some interesting gaming results on Intel's Core i7 920 versus the new Phenom IIs (and subsequently got called out on them). This, of course, after overclocking both micro-architectures in a previous story and comparing their respective performances.

Of course, in that most recent piece, we used AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics cards, and in this one, we employed a pair of GeForce GTX 280s. It turns out that graphics makes all of the difference in gaming--who would have guessed?

Moreover, there were other sites that published their own evaluations of the AM3 platform, yielding a second round of comparisons.

Curious as to why, exactly, we were seeing different results from some of the other publications out there and in response to requests for more data from our readers, I dedicated the past two days to hypothesizing possible causes and re-running our gaming tests, using Far Cry 2 as my indicator of choice. A sincere thank you to the folks who posited helpful information and constructive suggestions in comparing data. I tried to replicate as many of the other test scenarios from Monday's round of reviews as possible here.

Without further ado let's get into some troubleshooting, benchmarking, and hypothesizing."

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