Exciting Game Announcement coming from big Publisher today

Gamezine: 'A video game announcement is to come later today from one of the industry's best loved publishers.

We're not going to be that cryptic and not say who the publisher is, but we'll let it linger for a little while........'

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Smacktard3569d ago

Cool, I hope it's something good. Come on, Platinum Games! Give us more goodies!

Nugan3569d ago

Honestly, this could be the next game by the MadWorld team. I assume they've largely finished production on MW, since it ships in a month.

I doubt that it will be a sequel though, since there are no solid sales figures on MW yet (and, yes, I know you were kidding).

techie3569d ago

DOubt it. Announcements of those don't come until after the game has shipped and done well in sales.

darkgandhi3569d ago

Im getting annoyed by these announcements about announcements.

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sinncross3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Why the hell would they announce new games when their first three titles haven't even see a release yet.

I'm just hoping for Sony to announce the Team Ico project soon...

Voiceofreason3569d ago

"Industry's best loved publisher" kinda proves it has nothing to do with Sony.

sinncross3569d ago

doesn't it?

'best loved publisher' is subjective... and sony have been known for publishing a lot of excellent titles... especially their first party titles.

techie3569d ago

Haha N4g doesn't read.

Nugan3569d ago

As much as I know N4Gers love a chance to engage in a console flame war, let me stop this one right now:

The article says that the publisher is Sega. (Thus why Smacktard seems to be expecting an announcement about Platinum Games, since their current projects in development are all going to be published by Sega.)

Fishy Fingers3569d ago

Platforms? I dont want to get excited only to find out it's a DS game :/

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The story is too old to be commented.