It's game over for the arcade time machines

Times Online: Thirty years ago, when my long addiction to video games arcades began, those smoky hellholes seemed impossibly glamorous. Today, with hundreds of arcades plopped unceremoniously out of business by the credit crunch, they feel like what they probably are: a shoddy irrelevance in a world of 42-inch televisions and Playstation 3.
They do, however, deserve a decent epitaph. Their glory may be fatally faded now, but in the late 1970s, the arcades were like time-machines, whisking victims like me off the streets and into the 21st Century for the price of loose change. It is hardly their fault that the rest of the world has now got there under its own steam.

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Jerk1203415d ago

The Ps3 will hit game over soon too.

Socomer 19793415d ago

Its where your anger comes from.

kcdude3415d ago

Hmm, kind of sad. I still go to arcades every once in a while. It's fun to play old games...brings back memories. Oh well.

bobdog6263415d ago

VHS tape's\arcades\VCR\CRT TV are all on there way out.Out with the Old in with the New.

FantasyStar3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

From an American Standpoint. Dumping $1.50 per game is just ludicrous. If per-games costed 25c like the old days: then I'd go back to arcades.

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