WTP Review: Coraline (DS)

Coraline for the Nintendo DS is a bit different animal from it's Wii counterpart, as it plays more like an old-school, PC point-and-click adventure game with several stylus-based minigames thrown in for good measure.

The basic plot elements remain the same: Coraline and her family have just moved into a new house called The Pink Palace She is having a tough time adjusting without her friends and is just plain bored most of the time. Both of her parents (Charlie and Mel) are workaholics and the majority of her pleas for attention and love go unnoticed. But with a little help from her mother, Coraline finds new places to explore that are beyond her wildest dreams. She is transported to a world (The Other World) that looks the same at first glance; however everyone in this new world gives her the attention she feels she deserves. This experience will task you with helping Coraline find the true value of family as she faces the great temptations of a "perfect" life.

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