World of Warcraft: Should people have the right to cheat?

Of the 11 million people who play World of Warcraft, most do so legitimately; they actually play the game themselves. On the other hand, you have 100,000 who are running a bot known as Glider.

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PistolPumptMonk3565d ago

People cheating in online games is one of the lamest things I have ever seen. Get a life, play the game like everyone else, and get better legitimately.

How many of your favorite games have been ruined by people cheating online? I know I can say SOCOM was completely destroyed, as well as Killzone: Liberation. People really need to get a life...

baraka0073564d ago

Phantasy star online showed me how cheating just ruins a game. Cheating got so bad that players were using cheats to kill other non-cheating players and even delete your character that you spent 100s of hours leveling up. It became so bad that everyone left the game and the few that stayed would lock their rooms and only play with friends but then they found a way to enter your locked rooms so of coarse the game died. No one wants to pay 15 bucks a month to be killed at any moment and all your memory cards get wiped so you're lvl 1 and can't progress at all in the game just so some pathetic losers with to much time on their hands can get a few laughs. If they want to play with friends or on a server that allows cheating that's no problem but letting them play with everyone else will just ruin the game.