Street Fighter IV producer wants a Tekken 6 tie-up in PS Home

Talks are in progress as Capcom and Sony are trying to work out an arrangement regarding the SF4 content to come. More interestingly, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has expressed his interest in a tie-up with Tekken 6.

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ps3andxbox360fan3594d ago

nice to know capcom is really wanting to support home. wonder if namco will go for it though

sonarus3594d ago

Street fighter Tekkn tie up would have been great...pity Tekken 6 is end of the yr at the earliest though. Tekken 6 delay to accomodate 360 is BS

TheTwelve3594d ago

As a big fan of both fighting games since back in the day, this can be really exciting. :)


Dir_en_grey3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

following are from the same Famitsu article that IGN took their story from but kinda gave it a blurry translation:

1. Some item rewards for HOME can only be obtained by really being good at SFIV, other items will require you to clear some other objectives (this is CONFIRMED)

2. There's a possibility of obtaining the Chun-Li costume or other rewards just by playing the game for a long time (Time/point based unlockables).

3. They are thinking about releasing Chun-Li's 2nd Player costume for Home Avatars (the sexier "Mai" type dress), but it might not make it (might be too sexy for Home).

Everything else is pretty much covered by the IGN article.

In the next issue of Famitsu, they will continue to have the interview with Akagawa from SCE and Takeuchi from RE5/Capcom.

gambare3593d ago

Mm... home has a long way to go to be the perfect virtual social environment network, but this is the proof that its going the right way

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Serjikal_Strike3594d ago

who would win?...I'd take Ken

DeforMAKulizer3594d ago

Heihachi Vs. Akuma...
Now that would kick ass!!!! =D

Jinxstar3594d ago

Cammy vs Lilly. I'd pay to see that fight...

TheTwelve3594d ago

Problem with Tekken characters is that none of them (besides the bosses, and Devil Jin) have ranged attacks.


Dir_en_grey3594d ago

Even comments below are straying off so I just had to say something.

Ono is not saying he wants to make Street Fighter vs Tekken, he's only suggesting that SFIV will have a Home in game launch and that adds more to even the SFIV match finder because in Home you can see other people's avatars, making it more like a real arcade.

Thus if Tekken 6 were to support Home (which they most likely will, since Bandai-Namco already have their own arcade space in the Japanese Home), they can have community exchange tournaments like they have in some real Japanese arcade events. Meaning Tekken players go play SFIV against SF players and see how they do and vice versa, for friendly community exchange.

So again, Ono is not suggesting he wants to make a Namco vs Capcom game, sorry to disappoint.

Jinxstar3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

@ Dir

It's just in fun man. =D We know it wont happen.

I think it's the picture that did it =D

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Kick The Ass3594d ago

Then I require Gon, he's simply awesome :D

bobdog6263594d ago

There Fighting style's are so different. I wonder how will they pull this off?

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