VGM: Noby Noby Boy Preview

VGM writes: "Japanese game developers have been responsible for some strange titles in the past, one of them being the beloved Katamari Damacy, created by Keita Takahashi. After being disappointed in the same-y Katamari sequels, Mr. Takahashi returned to the drawing board and the eye of the gaming populace and conjured up his newest and equally bizarre creation, Noby Noby Boy. That can be good or bad depending on who you ask, but what's definitely good is that the game's price tag of $4.99 won't put a dent in your wallet the size of a 500m Katamari when you download it exclusively from the PS3's Playstation Network.

The game stars the titular "BOY", and weird, caterpillar-like character sort of resembling the pint-sized Prince from the Katamari games. Once again, players will make use of the Playstation controller's dual analog sticks to control BOY – each stick controlling the two ends of BOY's body. This allows for you to perform some cool, complex movements, like threading yourself between different objects in the levels or even tying yourself into knots. Pulling the sticks away from on another will cause you to stretch out like an elastic band, while moving them in the same direction will let you move at a brisker pace, like a sprint of sorts."

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