Cevat Yerli: Acquiring Free Radical puts us a step closer to entering the console market

Crytek is well known for pushing the boundaries with high-end PC titles like Crysis, while Free Radical Design hold more experience in the console field with titles such as TimeSplitters, Haze and Second Sight under its belt.

"We always planned to enter the console market and it was part of our strategy even before the acquisition. This step will certainly bring us forward a bit faster to achieve our goal to develop high quality games on consoles," said Cevat Yerli, president and CEO of Crytek.

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thereapersson3597d ago

They will never, ever make an exclusive PS3 game ever again.

That unfortunate decision was just too costly a mistake. Thankfully Crytek stepped in and saved the company from utter dissolution.

PirateThom3597d ago

Nothing to do with Haze being a PS3 exclusive, it would have bombed on any platform, even multiplatform. It was just a bad game and in this climate, unless you've got some major backing, you just can't afford to have a game bomb like that.

QuackPot3597d ago

They just messed up big time.

Suspicious why they would mess up so badly based upon their past record with games and standards set by console games like Halo, Gears, GRAW, RB6 etc. Very suspicious indeed why they couldn't get even the basics right.

Sack at least the producer and director, Crytek. They've gone way past their Use By date.

HighDefinition3597d ago

Someone let Incognito (Warhawk) do the next SW:Battlefront.

Imagine. MP only

Pennywise3597d ago

Haze sucked. Thats why noone bought it. Dont make it like it wasnt sold because of the PS3 user base.

Ghoul3597d ago

well considering crytek isnt really fond of the 360 and working ona exclusiv ps3 game, your claim is abit rushed.

3597d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3597d ago


Incognito making the next Battlefront!!! That would be incredible! Do you realize what you've done?

HighDefinition3597d ago

In the 1st 5 mins I played Warhawk, I got that idea. Man, it would be amazing.

ThanatosDMC3597d ago

Battlefront with Warhawk game play will perfect air battles...

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kewlkat0073597d ago

I bet you the game would of sold, at least 1 million and maybe break even. There are plenty lack-luster shooters that end up selling decent over time.

Big risk didn't pay off.

Should be interesting to see what Crytek does with them.

Ju3597d ago

I agree somewhat. I think Haze wasn't that bad to justify a company failing. There were a couple of other things, too. One was Free Radicals fault to simple present themselves completely unprofessional and spit out big words like Haze being a Halo killer. They should just have focused on the game itself and wait how it would turn out. With the the "Anti-Halo" marketing, well, obviously, they generated hype which they had no chance to live up to. And, well, got them some bad press, too. I still think it is a decent game, like all the Timeshifts, etc. out there.

xg-ei8ht3597d ago

I gotta ask about haze for a sec.

I Played the Demo.

It wasn't bad, some nice stuff, weapons felt ok, sound was ok.

What was so bad about the full game.

Pennywise3597d ago

Bad graphics, cheesy story and voice acting. It was just not polished enough. The concept was cool, but the acting was by far the worst game I have seen this gen. on the PS3.

kewlkat0073597d ago

plenty relied on the reviews....which really put the nail in the coffin early.

I didn't think Haze was the worst shooter I have played, the again that's just me. Well you , as well.

Ju3597d ago

I liked the demo and I liked the game. The visuals are not that bad, sometimes bland, yes, but not that bad. Its less frustrating then Mirrors edge, for example.

It has a unique 4 player co-op mode (offline 2 + 2 more online, or 1+3, but only max 2 split screen). You can jump in any campaign with any player instantly (as long as he/she plays a public game). You choose the level in a lobby and there you go. Currently there's about nothing on the PS3 which does that. For the price you can get it right now (I think its down to $20), its worth it, IMO.

kingme713597d ago

I played through the whole game and it was pretty much average throughout. The nectar angle was fun to play around with. If the game had come out 3 or 4 years earlier it would have done well and not have gotten such a bad rap.

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DA_SHREDDER3597d ago

There was nothing really bad about the game, except that it came out after COD4 and people really expect more out of shooters then what it gave. I still might buy the game.

SonyRulz3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

...helps you sleep, dude. Keep those blinders on, and game-away with oblivious bliss. :)

Sometimes you have to call a turd a matter how bad it hurts. Too Human, Perfect Dark Zero, LAIR, HAZE... they ALL sucked, even if they had some decent good points, and sold a fair #. Admit it, and move on.

dylandurden3597d ago

Played the demo. Hated it.

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