IncGamers: MMO Weekly 11/02/09

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis reports from the weird and wonderful world of MMO gaming. This week, he looks at new Warhammer: Age of Reckoning content and the fall of a giant in EVE Online.

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syrinx3565d ago

That EVE stuff is some crazy crap :)

Leord3565d ago

Haha, I love it. That it even can happen. Still, seems a BIT harsh, to be honest... I mean, think of the HOURS of effort they must have put down into that! amazing amount of free labour transferred...

Still, I found the description slightly confusing, I though they meant that EVE was a giant that was going under...

Dorjan3565d ago

Really? It read fine to me.

I can't believe that.. wow... thats a massive change in the way things work in EVE surely?

AndyA3565d ago

What a great tale of MMO intrigue. It's amazing that one man could hold so much power.