Sony could clean up with backwards compatibility

A brief article posted by listing reasons why backwards compatibility would be a success on the PS3.

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Fishy Fingers3514d ago

Personally I believe that Sony could implement BC through a firmware update. Reason they dont, continued PS2 sales. My guess would be Sony announcing BC coming to the PS3 around they same time they announce the end of PS2 manufacturing.

The Matrix3514d ago

I would play my PS3 again if they enable backwards capability. Otherwise, I'm loving the 360 exclusives and better multiplatform versions of games.

ultimolu3514d ago

I think so too. That would be a great idea.

Though I hope my 60gb BC doesn't crap out on me. :[

ActionBastard3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Dude really is in some sort of delusional Matrix if he even remotely believes that statement. Check the date on your's not 07.

GWAVE3514d ago

I don't see why it would help them. It didn't make the PS3 sales skyrocket when it DID have b/c, so why would implementing it again suddenly alter sales?

This article smells heavily of complaining fanboys. Fanboy complaints do not equal the general public's complaints.

Dread3514d ago

well i do not know about you guys but i am not buying a playstation 3 without backwards c... i have over 300 playstaiton2 games and i am not goin to keep the playstation 2 next to the playstation 3 and 360 in my game room connected at the same time.

So perhaps u people, who think Sony cant do not wrong, do not see the importance of bc, but trust me there are many poeple like me who are still waiting for bc (o and a price cut)

i am not hating on Sony. So back of sackboys (u know who u are) i simply believe that bc is important.

ActionBastard3514d ago

I'm not trying to downplay your legitimate "want" of BC, but you're not in a situation where you can't play your PS2 games. Your refusal to play them on a PS2 is the problem. I want The Warriors to be BC on my 360, but since it isn't guess what I do?

rhood0223514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I think it's appropriate that poster 1.1 is called "The Matrix"--what with the living in a fantasy world and all.

Dread3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

At action bastard

first Ms never promised to have full bc.

second this has nothing to do with 360.

i am simply stating that there a probably many other gamers like me who are willing to wait for bc. Which means that Sony is not making as many sales as they could in part because of this issue.

but at the end if u guys need to defend sony always then keep your non bc $400 console.

o and the problem is not my refusal to play them , it is sony's greed. they are simply milking the playstation 2 still. I can't say i blame them but they will not get my money until they add bc (and price cut)

uie4rhig3514d ago

don't worry if it busts out on you.. im in uk and my launch 60GB crapped out on me, got it replaced for free with another 60GB eventho im outside the warranty lol .. i aint complaining :)

caliman873513d ago

The hardware one that was in in the ealier models which I own a 60gb one did not do BC for all playstation games well. Some still looked better on the PS2-ps1 games like Resident Evil. God of War 1 and 2 and Robotech looked good though. They may be able to do it with a firmware update for the older games. Hopefully, allowing more titles to be playable on the PS3.

gaminoz3513d ago

@ OP
You cynic! I agree with you! I'm so pissed they took it out of my 40 gig PS3.... I like backwards compatibility.

pain777pas3513d ago

The PS2 won't stop selling that's why their is no BC its simple and unbelievable at the same time. seriously were two or three into the next gen and its still selling. Impressive to say the least but sad for those who don't have a BC PS3.

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Helghast Slayer3514d ago

Until the ps2 sales largely decline don't expect Sony to lay it to rest just yet. I mean it's still on par with the 360 (a supposedly next gen console) in japan. Software is also killing it.

ps3andxbox360fan3514d ago

why is this a big deal? almost every gamer has a few ps2s laying around so why do you need to play them on PS3? I would rather they take some really great games like god of war, devil may cry, some atlus rpgs like nocturne and make them higher res and wide screen. Maybe even add some sixaxis to them and release them as downloadable titles on the PSN. But if you really want BC that bad can't you just buy an old used one from gamestop or amazon and just put a bigger HDD in it when you run out of space?

CBaoth3514d ago

I know I'm in the minority, but all Sony needs to do is put both PS1($5.99) and PS2($9.99) games on the PSN - like MS does w/ XB1 titles. Just give me the opportunity to to play them legally on my PS3 via the HDD and the PSP via a memory stick. It'd be nice if PS1/PS2 titles were re-coded for HD resolutions and widescreen support, but not necessary.

Gorgon3514d ago

" I would rather they take some really great games like god of war, devil may cry, some atlus rpgs like nocturne and make them higher res and wide screen"

Those games are from third parties (except God of War), not Sony. Sony can only put them on PSN IF the original publishers want them to.

dantesparda3513d ago

See that would be sensible. But fanboys aint about sensibility. They are all about the hate, and pettiness, and divide.

KrazyFace3514d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but when the PS3 came out with it's (boo-hoo my wallet's not big enough) huge price tag, Sony asked US what they should do to reduce the cost. And WE told them that we didn't want BC, so they removed it. Now it's come down in price, and more people have one they want it back!!!

God, it's like babysitting.

nos4speed3514d ago

Yeah you cant win with stuff like this, I was perfectly happy paying the full price when it came out as IMO its worth every penny, even if the only only thing i use backwards compatibility for is Shadow of the colossus =D

Death3514d ago

Nobody asked Sony to remove backwards compatabilty. After 6 months of being gone from retail, the b/c 80 gig sold out almost instantly when it was released around the time MGS came out. The demand is there, Sony simply wanted to prolong PS2 sales which make a profit.


mint royale3514d ago

Sony needed to save on costs and cutting BC achieved 2 things - a cheaper ps3 and a longer life of the profitable to sell ps2. WIN for sony. LOSE if you wanted to play ps2 games without having to have 2 consoles set up. I belive it was Jack Tretton who claimed a year before BC was removed that BC was actually a core part of the playstation model that gives the complete experience to players. Its easy to tell that Sony did not have a long term plan to rid BC but instead they simply couldn't afford to include it as they expected the ps3 to sell at its launch price which it did not.

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