Battlefield Heroes Beta Now Live

Planet Battlefield writes: "If you are one of the people from the last Battlefield Heroes beta phase you can now login here and start playing the next phase of the beta. You will need to re-download the updated installer.

If you are not currently in the beta you can sign up here if you haven't already."

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y0haN3591d ago

Signed up... as soon as a "slot" frees up..

ballsofsteel3591d ago

me too don't know when that will be though

peeps3591d ago

signed up to the beta aaaaggggeeeesss ago now so hopefully got more chance of getting in. will wait and see though. I just enjoy beta testing any game + heroes looks quite interesting

Joey Greco RULES3591d ago

a while back. i didn't get in i guess. no emails referring to it.