NPD reveals Okami, Zack & Wiki Sales Data

Edge-online writes:

NPD has revealed the US lifetime sales figures of four key Wii titles published by Capcom.

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Sangria3597d ago

So we see the difference with "teh true figures" in VGchartz:
Resident Evil 4: 990,000 (+231,000)
Resident Evil UC: 510,000 (+111,500)
Okami: 200,000 (+44,100)
Zack & Wiki: 160,000 (+43,400)
Meaning a margin of error around 25 / 30%.

TOO PAWNED3597d ago

Well i personally don't take Vgchartz for 100% but it gives you an idea of how good/bad some game is selling.

Voiceofreason3597d ago

Why do so many people seem to be unable to comprehend what an "estimate" is? Can you not use a dictionary to look it up? Estimates are not 100% accurate. If they were, we wouldnt call the estimates.

Pennywise3597d ago

Who wants to open an estimate site with me? I am good at making up numbers too!

mint royale3597d ago

Not bad for a free websites. I rather have Vgchartz estimates for free than pay an extortionate amount of money to see NPD's figures.

Anon19743597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

They're doing the exact same thing as VGchartz does - they have their samples and then they guess the rest. I think the fact that VGchartz is a source for the BBC, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, New York Post, etc...etc...that speaks volumes.
To the guy comparing VGchartz to the NPD, all your doing is showing the discrepancies between VG and NPD data. That tells us nothing. I'd be more interested in how VGchartz and NPD data vary from the official numbers.

Edit: And dammit, I agree with voiceofreason for the first time. I should've just stayed in bed this morning.

mint royale3597d ago

people bashing one set of estimations with another set of estimations as proof smacks of ignorance/stupidity to me.

Roddur3597d ago

NPD is for the USA and Vgchartz is for the Americas (USA + Canada). i'm not saying vgchartz is accurate. b4 a lot of ppl start trashing the wii again i'm just pointing there will be some discrepencies between npd & vgchartz, and usa is not only place in the world to sell softwares.

it's all estimates, not gospel(like one already said). so see it that way.

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SaiyanFury3597d ago

Okami was a great game that didn't sell well on either PS2 or the Wii which is too damned bad. I have the PS2 version and I love it. My wife has the Wii version and she was addicted to it until she finished it.
I encourage people to try it out on either platform. The Wii version has the advantage of progressive scan which you'll benefit from on an HDTV.

butbutbuttehcell3597d ago

Indeed Okami was so good, many people have missed out. I'd say it was the best third party game, other than maybe RE4...

somekindofmike3597d ago

It is a bit sad that these great games go almost unnoticed amoungst the shovel ware on wii, (apart from maybe umbrella chronicles which I think is of questionable quality? i've not tried it so correct me if i'm wrong)

I've personally picked up Okami for wii, amazing game. RE4 I already had for cube so I am not going to buy it again. Zack & wiki has tempted me, but I can't go buying every game to just support a publisher!

FreestyleBarnacle3597d ago

Buy Zack & Wiki not to support the publisher but because you owe it to yourself.
Do it.
'Nuff said.

somekindofmike3596d ago

I see your point, but I meant more from a financial point of view, I can't go around buying every game I want!

FreestyleBarnacle3595d ago

Take something off your list that you will buy and put this in it's place. Or sell a kidney and use the proceeds. Either way is fine by me.

jrsenkbe3597d ago

real games dont sell on the Wii, unless they are published by Nintendo

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

Because Nintendo promotes their own products....See where im going with this?

mint royale3597d ago

'there is none so blind as those who won't listen'...

jrsenkbe3597d ago

that is my point. Both of these two games are good, but because the system has become such a shovel ware system games like this are overlooked by your mom and pops who play the Wii. Owners of the Wii only have Nintendo games shoved down their throats. so this news is not surprising.

mint royale3597d ago

It was equally as disappointing. So your shovelware affecting every good game excuse is just as applicable to the ps2 as the wii.

The market leader will always have the most shovelware but its up to companies to show the consumer the best games and with okami that definately did not happen not this gen or last gen.

Product3597d ago

Capcom doesnt market their titles very well on wii is what Sidar and Mint were talking about.Its up to Capcom to get the marketing going not Nintendo.I do believe thats why a publisher has a marketing division right?

Voiceofreason3597d ago

Only Nintendo games sell on Wii??? WTH? Nintendo does not make Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Call of Duty, Shaun White snow boarding, Boom Blox, or over half the other million sellers on Wii. It is amusing the the only thing people can pull up for proof of poor Wii sales is a game that also failed on PS2 or games that recieved zero advertising.

jtucker783597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

What is Call of Duty World @ War's excuse?

I mean Treyarch created the PC / 360 / PS3 versions and made a fortune. Each of those versions did really well.
Then they had to develop the Wii version from scratch spending extra money and resources. New Art assets, maps, downgraded COD4 engine, because the Wii is nothing like the HD versions ... and then it bombed!

I thought the Wii had a 50% market share. The PS3 (Last Place console ... READ: LAST PLACE CONSOLE) outsold the Wii version 4 or 5 to 1.

COD WAW on the PS3 was up against R2 and Far Cry 2
COD WAW on the Wii was up against ... er ... nothing, in fact wasn't it the only shooter out on the Wii in 2008? ... and yet it still bombed.

In fact isn't there only one other multiplayer shooter Medal of Honour 2 - a game which is an utter joke of a multiplayer shooter.

The sad thing is COD WAW is a good effort for a Wii shooter.
Why didn't COD WAW sell millions on the Wii seeing as there is nothing else to play on the console if you like online shooters.

Why didn't it sell?

ChickeyCantor3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The problem lies with the fact that people need to have a motive to buy these games.
Obviously they didn't promote it well enough to reach the big audience of the Wii.
Might sound weird, but they should just promote it the way Nintendo promoted Mario galaxy. Yeah im not kidding.

" if you like online shooters."

IF indeed, thats the problem. Most people own more than one console.
So its easier for a gamer to pick the the PS3 or 360 version because they are skeptic about the online system. Or most of them just need the HD gfx.
Its a shame though. maybe ill get this game =).

Honestly i'm a bit worried about the conduit too, but it seems people are getting more interested in the console because of the conduit or madworld for example.
There is allot of hate coming from PS3/360 owners towards the conduit but i've also noticed that many PS3/360 owners think it looks like a good game.

HVS really deserves for the Conduit to succeed, it could also set new standards for other developers.

jtucker783597d ago

COD Wii is actually a good game. I think it's a shame people haven't picked it up.

OK so COD Wii is weaker than the HD versions, as it is a few modes short (like team deathmatch - my personal favourite), but it controls OK and is currently the only online shooter worth buying on the Wii.

And anyone claiming to be interested in "adult" (I'm staying out of core/casual debate - I'm saying adult) titles and only has a Wii should pick it up.

It's worrying me because if people don't buy COD then will they buy The Conduit?

Voiceofreason3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

To the kid that considers himself a Nintendo fan while doing nothing but trashing them. [email protected] a complete flop on Wii with right at 1 million in sales or more? Ok that makes sense,million sellers are all flops on the Wii, sure they are called successes on the higher development costs console but in order for the developer to make their money on an outdated COd4 engine they need 20 million in sales to justify the Wii version to you?

Product3597d ago

The Conduit will sale well if Sega promotes it successfully which i feel they are doing.
I bought House of the Dead:Overkill and Sega has sleeves in there for both Madworld and The fact in House of the Dead(which has like 100 achievements) you can unlock a Madworld Trailer which hasnt been shown to the public yet(the trailer is about 2 minutes long) and 2 other hidden unlockable videos are also in thinking The Conduit is there but i havent unlocked it yet.

Sega is doing a good job right now.......Capcom needs to follow Segas lead.

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jagstatboy3597d ago

I own all 4 and love them. Millions of Wii owners don't know what they're missing by not playing Zack & Wiki. 116,000 units is sad.

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