SCEA mum on Killzone 2 pre-order numbers for North America

Just how many pre-orders has Killzone 2 received in North America? SCEA isn't saying.

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xg-ei8ht3565d ago

I went on the usa store last night and cannot find the KZ2 demo.

Is it out.

If so, where the hell is it.

I'm from uk, and have it already, but just thought i'd have a look.


Baba19063565d ago

usa dont have the demo on the store.

WildArmed3565d ago

The US store wont get it till the thursday before Killzone 2 gets out.
Europe got thier demo early(gratz).

This was done because they made some sort of evil deal with gamestop for the demo = preorder.

Eitherway, i cant wait for the game.

Lifendz3565d ago

Hit agree if they have yours.
Hit disagree if they don't but you plan on picking the game up.

cryymoar3565d ago

3600 Gamestop stores in NA.
Approx. 30-40 pre-orders of Killzone 2 in my district per store.
So we're looking at approx 108,000 KZ2 pre-orders at Gamestop alone in NA.
lookin' good :]

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Arsenal4Ever3565d ago

they must be ashamed at the numbers is less than EU as it is every year


TOO PAWNED3565d ago

Actually that must be true. PS3 sells more software in Europe. And is selling more hardware...

Sangria3565d ago

Is it technically possible to have pre-order sales figures?
(it's not rhetoric)

GVON3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

yes,I pre-ordered of amazon but payed it off at the same time,so I think that counts towards pre order sales,but I should just count as sales.

If the EU and not Pal has over a million,I'd guess the USA has the same if not more,thats decent first weekend sales they'll have,it has the potential to do 3 million in a month,especally if people who don't have a PS3 see there mates playing it.All my younger brothers mates are going nut's just because I got the demo,kids eh.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3565d ago

WOW!!! Even Mums are buying it!!! ;-D

PS3isBUST3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

They don't provide it, they don't provide. You can speculate all you want, doesn't matter.

This is the least of PS3's concerns. They need to drop out. I'm still waiting, hopefully in a few more months.

xT-Virusx3565d ago

hey kid, just abort yourself. ALSO... quit acting like your BOX still works and go fix it already.

UnasFortuna3565d ago

Well, Mr. Bust and your little friend Mr. Pimp, ...I hate to come across as a fanboi; however, you are going to be waiting for a long time. Guess that gives you two children time to get your broken Box back (again). Are you two adolescent idiots truly that stupid? To see some of the rants of people like you children just amazes me. Do you have so much free time in between getting your Boxes fixed that you must bash the competition with inaccurate posts. I am happy for you that you are happy with your "short term" purchase/investment in the 360 as was I when I bought two when they launched (and by the way... luckily, I have never had the red ring problem). However, I am much more satisfied with my purchase of the more Long-Term console. I, like most other adults..., grew up. Sony and the PS brand are here to stay. If you are so concerned about losses, I would turn your eyes to your own "fav" company. There are some enormous lawsuits overseas that are going to take a huge toll on MS and their profit margin. Now you two go to bed... you have school tomorrow. I on the other hand will play some Gears and then some KZ2 Demo madness.

At Jager below.... excellent points.

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