Rumour-God of War III details leaked

VG247: This GameFAQs forum post claims to have info on God of War III from an upcoming Game Informer feature.Official details are embargoed until this Friday, with a press event taking place for the game in LA last night.

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jams_shop3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

OMG!!! can't wait

nix3591d ago

50 enemies at the time? only..? come on.. we're used to seeing 1000 enemies at a time courtesy HS. i am disappointed... lol.

more bosses than GOW1 but less than GOW2. that's good. enemies are now smarter. like us, PS3 owners. q:

this is one of the reasons i bought PS3. the rest of the games were bonuses!!! ultra super bonuses!!! like KZ2!!! q:

coolfool3591d ago

More enemies, more polygons, more variety.........did we expect anything less?

THC CELL3591d ago

yes nix but take a point
are they going to have 50 enemies that will stand there waiting for a beating like the 1000s we have been seeing

on the trailer it looked liked they piled on top of u and gave u a good kick in

Rybnik3591d ago

According to the mag, the AI will be a lot better, possibly even including situations where there is an enemy hierarchy of sorts, a commander coordinating attacks on Kratos..
So if there are just grunts they will mindlessly mill about and attack as they may, but if a centaur shows up, he may direct the grunts to perform coordinated attacks, etc.

nix3591d ago

i know they just stand there but in HS, they actually attack you too.. there is this time towards the end of the game where you will have to kill 500 enemies without dying. thats the time they surround you and attack you too... it's always breathtaking to see that. thousands of enemies sprawled across miles. 50 enemies is good enough if they are there all the time. i hope there are some moments where we can see thousand enemies too. q:

@xulap: thanks for the links! q:

Mr_Bun3591d ago

I hope that the "no multiplayer" isn't true, but still f***ing awesome even if it is!

Bob Dole3591d ago

The only thing was when there were that many enemies in HS the framerate dropped substantially.. which is to be expected when you've got over 1000 enemies all moving around at the same time.... it was still beautiful to say the least though.

Rmagnus3591d ago

Mr Bun, not every game needs multiplayer....

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Fishy Fingers3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I posted this info in the N4G forums yesterday..

Hopefully some scans follow soon so some of this can be confirmed.

Edit: Just a heads up, the PS Blog will be revealing new GOW3 info this friday (9pm Pacific).

Omega43591d ago

I wonder if that "less bosses than GoW 2" means the game will be shorter as well

Fishy Fingers3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Not necessarily, GOW follows a scripted story so you include only the amount of bosses that fit your script. I dont think there is much point deviating to purely accommodate more boss' than found in GOW2.

Less bosses in no way directly indicates less game time.

Abash3591d ago

No, it means that they will be focusing more on each individual boss rather than adding more.

Omega43591d ago

It may not make effect the length, but its just that bosses are usually used to split up the different segments/levels of the game and i doubt they are going to want long drawn out levels especially if they are going to have more enemies of screen since it will get repetitive a lot quicker

Also i doubt they would cut down on quality if they added more

Fishy Fingers3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I get the feeling that your some how trying to twist "less bosses than GOW2" into a potentially negative thing (wonder why?). Either way, I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing and are working at their upmost to keep the quality up with the previous games.

If you have what you think is a kick ass script would it concern you where or not you have more or less bosses than the previous game? Me personally no.

Do you prefer Batman Forever over Batman Returns because it had more bosses (bad example admittedly)? Occasionally less can be more, especially when you take everything (the sum of its parts) into account, rather than concentrating on one tiny aspect.

NewYork2143591d ago

seeing as how god of war 1 had about 4-6 bosses and god of war had about 20(ok maybe not that much), doubt it will disappoint.

Rock Bottom3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

GoW 1 had less bosses than GoW:CoO, yet GoW 1 was longer, and haven't they already said this will be the longest GoW game?

What I want is more bosses like the hydra and the colossus where you fight the same boss several times.

@NewYork214: GoW 1 had three bosses, Hydra, that flaming goat thing and Ares.

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NewYork2143591d ago

hope all of that is true, cant wait for this game. love greek mythology. story easily made this my favorite series. hopefully the story is a little better then GoW2. it wasnt bad but i thought 1 was much better

Arsenal4Ever3591d ago

It's not supposed to have more bosses just because it's a bigger game.

At least everything has been increased like enimies on Screen and polygon count etc etc.

SCEA Santa Monica using teh Cell for Kratos.

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