The Angry Pixel: Killzone 2 Review

The Angry Pixel writes: Despite some shortcomings, Killzone 2 proves that it has managed to live up to the hype. Of course, the hype from certain quarters has been rather over-the-top but they can be excused as mere fanboys just looking for the next argument to fuel their console wars. For an average gamer, Killzone 2 comes laden with a box of goodies that would keep him engaged for hours at end.

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Omegasyde3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago ) /11/review-an-xbot-killzowneda lmost/6/

"review-an-xbot-killzown ed-almost"

Wow, The Angry Pixel a 360 fanboy site confirmed. Pathetic.

vasilisk3565d ago

The url says it all.


jammy_703565d ago

but why have they only reviews single player??? why not what all the game package offers??? o i no cuz then the score wud be higher dont want that do THEY!

MURKERR3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

to sabotage the overall score of the game, that URL says it all

SL1M DADDY3565d ago

We all know N4PS3G's rep here and he/she/it would never submit anything reputable... No surprise here.

JeffGUNZ3565d ago

I mean, come on. A majority of the great reviews have been from Playstation sites. Websites that are third party to the console war all give this game in the 8's, which isn't bad, but is proof that you morons over-hype games like it's nobodies business. Just because the game looks incredible graphically, doesn't mean the game is going to be amazing. I am sick of reading the reviews that arnt 10's or 9's and everyone crying "this website is so fanboy" or "well they have no creditability" Come on people, you sound so pathetic. So, what I am gathering from all these good, but not EXCELLENT scores is, anything in the 8's, a bunch of reviews, are all one big conspiracy to drvie down KZ2 score? Grow up. All you little fanboy nerds tooted your KZ2 horn way too early and it's turning out to be just a good game. This game will not move systems and it will not save the ps3. My buddy has a PS3 and a 360 and cancelled his KZ2 reserve to put his money down on 360 RE5. Why? He said "The game is just a graphically beautiful game masked behind been there done that gameplay."

I find it funny how people bashed Gears 2 and its a 93 on Metacritic and KZ is 92. Gears of war 2's multiplayer was a disaster when it launched and the multiplayer is laggy but it's still a BETTER game. Man, I hope you fanboys stop over-hyping games. If people didn't over-hype this, then the game would look a thousand times better. You brought this on yourself.

poolsharky273565d ago

The difference is the 'Playstation sites' don't review down 360 games, or review them at all. Where as clearly biased reviewers are marking points off just so the fanboys, like yourself, can claim your game is better because of a 0.1 point difference.

Q_Q less, play games.

JeffGUNZ3565d ago

I personally am not claiming Gears is better then KZ2, I haven't played KZ2 yet, so I can't judge it. What I am saying, is that Metacritic states right now gears is a better game. I personally don't follow reviews, I make up my own mind about games, not someone else. I am just sick of seeing people attack websites about creditability. I saw a lot of fanboys attack game pro, which is ridiculous. I am no fanboy, I grew up with Sony then switched to xbox. I prefer 360 over the ps3, but I certainly don't hate the ps3.

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rucky3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Seems to be lacking. The review appears to only cover single-player mode. Why not just review the game after it's been launched and include multiplayer to the final score?

Omegasyde3565d ago

That would make way too much sense.

thereapersson3565d ago

How come there are all these reviewers who don't even review the multiplayer portion of the game? Isn't that technically not a review of the game if you're not reviewing every aspect of it?

Baba19063565d ago

and many reviewrs who have seen the multiplayer said, that was the best part of the game.

enoonmai3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I'm the Lead Content Editor for the site's that done the review. About the multiplayer part, let me explain.

The problem here is that the press kit we received with the review code a) makes us go through flaming hoops to get online, manually adjusting the IP and DNS settings everytime we want to go online, which no other game has done to us till date. This is something we hope is fixed in the final retail version of the game, and b) there aren't that many people playing online right now and all the servers we found were stark empty, forcing us to include bots in our games. Someone tell me whether playing for 10 hours with 15 bots and the same little selection of players who've got the press kit qualifies an unbiased, knowledgeable review of the multiplayer aspect of the game? The true test of a multiplayer game, in our opinion, can only be seen when there's a decent number of players online who've had time to learn the system, the maps, the weapons and the strategies. Even accelerated, it's still best tested only when the rest of the world manages to hop on and whoop our ass! So, if waiting to do that and bring our readers a "sane" view of the multiplayer aspect, we decided to postpone it until later this week.

As for the URL, that was a tongue-in-cheek look at the controversies raging between the 360 and PS3 fanboy base. We've all been on every game console from the 8-bits all the way to the HD-gen, and we don't have loyalties towards one or the other. Our loyalties lie totally with the games we play, not the platforms we play them on.

So, yeah, let's all decide on whether X or Y is a fanboy site just by looking at the URL. Pfft, who needs to read what they have to say? Who has time to do such stuff when I can run around all over the internet with my hit-and-run "fanboy/anti-fanboy-fanbo y" tactics.

After all, all we need to decide how good a woman is can be gotten by just looking at her chest. 36DD? Hell yeah, she must be the best woman ever created on God's green earth. Tiny ones? She must be a witch, burn her!

GamerPS3603565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

whatever. You claim to be around since 8 bit yet you can not survive without bringing controversy in N4G. :D

rucky3565d ago

Then like I said why release the review score without going through the multiplayer portions of the game?

thereapersson3565d ago

So judging from your comments, does that mean you guys will re-review the game when multiplayer is available? I am not bashing your site; I am just wondering how you will go about handling this.

MURKERR3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

desperation for hits, if he posted his overall reaction to the single player but noted that a score will follow after they have had a chance to review the multiplayer that would be different. ive never seent this done with any other game so its not the 'norm' thing to do.

the URL says it all now his trying damage control i for one aint falling for his nonsense

thereapersson3565d ago

You do have to give him some credit for this line, though:

"Microsoft, wake up and stop counting your money, the competition is here and it’s knocking down your door, sticking its head in and going “Here’s Johnny!”"


hay3565d ago

I understand that you didn't want to scratch the MP topic since it's virtually unplayable for you at the moment but this seems to be lowered score cause of it.
Also correct me if I'm wrong, I doubt you'll re-review the game later adjusting the score after checking MP. Also, this doesn't seem like a journalism's way of working. Giving people lackluster reviews lacking some major parts of the game and rating it already judging by limited knowledge you have about the game isn't the best way to gain respect. Setting DNS' isn't hard, it takes some time and works, also there should be at least few other reviewers playing around so it should give you some understanding how the whole thing work, and some estimation how much fun it'll be when servers will be populated by gamers.
Is it Killzone or not, it just feels wrong.

And about URL. People. If you see p=69 on some page are you saying the reviewer loves 69? I can see Page=1&Page2 in the url of this article. Oh noes, we're all pages! That's just dumb. Judging by the url ignoring the article?

enoonmai3565d ago

@Thereapersson: With the way things are going right now in the country with Killzone 2, we put our SP review up with its own score and will put up the MP review with its own score once we manage to clock enough meaningful hours with human players. Since we aren't really on any major score-aggregating sites like MetaCritic, we don't have to worry too much about re-reviewing the game since we've got scores for both SP and MP and once we pass those on to the relevant contacts at Sony India and their distributors, they'd pretty much be OK with it, as will our readers, most of whom we know don't fall into the "quantifying a game" routine and will take the scores with a pinch of salt. As for the people who'd rather see the final score than read through a clearly thought out argument, well, they can go jump in a well for having brought this travesty down on our most cherished form of digital entertainment.

As for N4G, I don't know, maybe whoever N4Gd this will come back again and do the same for our MP review also, and I can go there and start this all over again a couple of days from now. :D

@MURKERR: Oh noes! You found out our evil plan to sabotage reviews for the top-rated games on the internet. We're secretly hired by the PC gaming crowd to go around the internet giving low scores to console games. I originally wanted to give KZ2 a 4/10, but Sony took my wife hostage and threatened to feed her into a wood-chipper if I didn't give it a higher score.

Now that you're on to our plan, we'll be sending trained ninja assassin monkeys to your place to destroy all the evidence, including you and if they're mad, your stash of bananas as well. So, beware, lock your doors if it makes you feel safe, but sorry, you're a goner, man. Nice knowing ya! :P

DelbertGrady3565d ago

Excuse me but no one seemed to complain about the fact that MGS4 was reviewed without the multiplayer component. Konami wouldn't let them, but that was fine with you guys as long as it got positive reviews.

If enoonmai had reviewed Killzone 2's multiplayer as it is now you would have just bashed him even more because of the reasons he stated (manual configuration and no one online to play it with yet).

MURKERR3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

but on a serious note posting a score for a half reviewed games is only going to put your site in a bad light and dent its credibilty, post the single player review but dont score it until you have a chance to review the WHOLE game then if you feel its an 8.5 then cool no problem.

@soda pipinsky...hmmm another ps3 exclusive got the same treatment... oh sorry you was trying to redeem the fact that its happened before like its normal bad

Dread3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


i am sorry to tell u that this is a sony fanboy only site. I know it is sad and depressing because it was not like this all the time, but people here simply cannot have a meaningful discussion about games. It is either you say something positive (and in this case super positive) about sony games and/or the console or u say something negative about 360. That is it.

this site is a sony sackboy cestpool

so do not bother. If u are here to defend your review ur only chance is to change it to a perfect score. The fangirls do not want to here anything but kill zone is the best, it is better than halo and gears combined, etc..


o and thanks for trying. i do appreciate a person who defends his or her position. I will be checking out your site. Respect.

DelbertGrady3565d ago

Nope. I'm just saying that if angrypixel gave this review a 10/10 you would probably ignore that they didn't review the multiplayer part.

In the same way people ignored that they did separate reviews of MGS4's multiplayer part as long as it kept getting positive reviews. In that case Konami wouldn't let them review it.

In this case angrypixel chose to wait, unlike some other reviewers out there. What I find interesting is that if what angrypixel experienced with the multiplayer part of Killzone 2 is true, that means none of the other reviewers have been able to give it a fair judgement.

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Max Power3565d ago

that was all that was written for the single player? that seems a bit skimpy even if it doesn't include the MP.

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