1UP: Greatest Scenes of Street Fighter: The Movie

1UP writes: "Street Fighter: The Movie is something special, and I only mostly mean that in the short bus sense. Even among its videogame movie peers, it's a film that stands out as a monument to sheer, unbridled lunacy. It takes some serious testicular fortitude to take a franchise at the height of its hype and treat it with all the reverence of a '60s Batman episode. Martial artists Ryu and Ken are transformed into gun runners. Chun Li is a television journalist. Indian stretchy-guy Dhalsim is a doctor forced to perform super-soldier experiments on Blanka... The result might possibly be one of the most enjoyably painful movie experiences of all time, though it's something best enjoyed in the company of friends and liquor. Great care should be taken not to watch the thing alone, and never with sharp objects or firearms in easy reach."

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