What If Street Fighter IV Was Built On The Unreal Engine?

Kotaku writes: "Some forum dwellers over on Game Artisans have taken it upon themselves to run a little competition, see who can come up with the best 3D Street Fighter character render. The results show that it's a fruitless contest, because everyone who even glances at the thread is a winner."

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Bathyj3597d ago

The texures would pop in halfway through the match.

LeGenDx3597d ago

capcom is smart, they wouldnt.

saphiron3597d ago

no thanks.. i prefer the more colorful cartoony style for streetfighter. Not an UE fan, but nice models..

Lich1203597d ago

Yeah, not to mention the poly counts in those is way to high for in game. However, whoever did that guile model is extremely talented. Actually, the blanka is good too, but that Guile is really impressive to me.

SaiyanFury3597d ago

Then it wouldn't run well on PS3. The UE3 engine has already beenproven not to run well on PS3 hardware.

vitz33597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )


You don't know what you're sayin. UT3, Bioshock, Fatal Intertia EX, Army of Two, Mirror's Edge. All games running UE3 tech on the PS3.

You're an idiot.

Also if SFIV was using the UT3 engine the colour pallete would be limited to like 5 colours and everything would be brown, grey, and rusty. IMO.

Doppy3597d ago

Honestly that doesn't look bad. Either would have been fine, but I really wanted the paint brush effect in the game too bad.

CobraKai3597d ago

Yeah it would look completely generic. Unreal Engine looked fantastic 2 years ago, but since every game utilizes it, it just looks plain. I mean C'mon, Guile looks like he's a gears of war character. Where's the art? Where is the style?

Tony P3597d ago

C'mon people. I don't think UE needs to be used for SFIV, but this is awesome work. Grats to the artist.

phosphor1123597d ago

UE3 engine is BASED off of bump mapping and normal mapping. The models in a UE3 based game all are very low poly count, but what gives them its detail is the mapping and pixel shaders. The RSX is not good with pixel shaders, while the Xenos is. Most PS3 devs end up using the Cell to do it's pixel shaders.

While the PS3 CAN pump out more pixel shaders, this is the thing:
RSX + Cell = can pump out more PPI (pixels per inch) with lots of pixel shaders than the 360.
Xenos = Since it works by itself and not with the Xenon, its PPI is lowered with each pixel shader.

Since the UE3 engine is more compatible with a PC, the UE3 engine is easier to program for the PC + 360, while for the PS3, its hard to split processes (or any pc engine port) up between the Cell and RSX.

Oh, and I'm not a fan of UE3, my experience with it has been good, great quality for its power usage, but I prefer to have soldiers not look like they are drenched in vaseline.

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Mr Tretton3597d ago

UE, go away plz.

Guerilla Engine...hello.

BLUR1113597d ago

id Tech 5 I think will be the most powerful

LeonSKennedy4Life3597d ago

You haven't seen the White engine in action yet, have you?

Eiffel3597d ago

BLUR111 is correct ID tech 5 rapes all.

Marquis_de_Sade3597d ago

The Killzone 2 engine would be a poor choice for smaller scale games, at least based on the poor textures in Killzone 2. ID Tech 5 at least sounds phenomenal, superior to the Crystal tools in use at Square Enix anyway.

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