PSX Extreme: Dragon Age: Origins Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Dragon Age: Origins, dubbed as the spiritual heir to the highly esteemed Baldurs Gate franchise, is one of those titles that ought to appeal to role-playing fans worldwide. According to IGN, it has just been announced that EA has opted to delay the PC version so it coincides with the launch of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. This should come as no surprise to those who know about EA's standard operating procedure (they don't do exclusives and they don't typically do timed exclusives, either), and it allows the publisher to produce one large marketing push for the game. We still don't have an estimated release date, but we do know it's going to release some time this year and we also know that plenty of readers out there have been craving some details and information. Well, we hope you're big fans of Bioware's recent projects where the player is forced to make a moral choice during the game, because that philosophy is going to take center-stage in Dragon Age: Origins. The combat won't prove to be alien, though, despite a few upgrades and enhancements for the benefit of this new generation."

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