Game Debate to the Death! BioShock VS Fallout 3

Both games received large amounts of hype, but the general consensus is that both titles fully lived up to their anticipation. Even though both are FPS games and both are story intensive, one focuses on linear play while the other explores true nonlinear gameplay. One took you underwater while the other dragged you up from underground. One was the Xbox 360 game of the year in 2007 for most people, and one was the 2008 winner for most of those same gamers.

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butterfinger3533d ago

I prefer the non-linear world of Fallout 3. Bioshock got somewhat boring to me after a while, and it seemed to become a bit of a chore to see through to completion. On the other hand, I may play through Fallout 3 a few times just to do things differently.

swiftshot933533d ago

just amazing.I personally have to go with Bioshock for story, but the core gameplay and length, its all fallout 3.

ASSASSYN 36o3533d ago

Both are awesome games. But fallout 3 is slightly better.

edhe3533d ago

Both are great, buy both, play both enjoy both.

There is no better or worse because they're entirely different gamestyles.