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Do you have any plans this Thursday night? If you live in or can easily get to Southern California, I highly recommend that you TiVo the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice "crossover event" (please don't get me started on this); Capcom has extended 302 invites to the soon-to-be-legendary Street Fighter IV launch event to you, the PlayStation.Blog community.

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iHEARTboobs3565d ago

I live in L.A. but I can't go, I have school tomorrow evening. :(

rogimusprime3565d ago

you can't learn no street fighter in school!!!

Hahaha, I don't have work friday, so if they give me an invite I'll definitely go. I won't act like i've played the game though, so I'll probably catch a beatdown.

Still, I have it preordered for ps3