5 reasons why you shouldn't cancel your RE5 pre-order

Outwar6010 from Techworldwide writes:

After the release of the Resident evil 5 demo, Capcom has received very different responses from its consumer. Deriving from two main schools of thought we have on one side the hardcore resident eviloholics; who have played all the Resident evil games. They mainly believe that the game play mechanics and controls are all signature to the Resident evil series.

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TrevorPhillips3590d ago

Outwar did a great job writing this article :)

chaosatom3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

I will give this game a chance tho.

No matter what anyone says, the controls are very similar to RE4 and not really a big step up in graphics (as I was thinking they would be) from RE4 either.

But really, lots of people want RE4. More RE4 is not necessarily a bad thing, and I guess that's what I want. The split-screen in the game was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the main problem were boss fights. It looked like I wasn't even damaging the Bosses from the my weapons! Which totally ruined it for me. And ONE HIT Kills. I mean WTF!! The Run-gun gameplay looked REALLY essential for BOSS battles imo, and that's where I thought The controls felt really weak. Other than that, the controls were pretty decent.

At the End I still willing to buy this game because it's more of RE4 with split-screen. I know that it's outdated, but still, it's fun and there is a lot complexity in game play if you took the time to explore around and seek guides on the internet.

Sorry i talked too much. I played the demo a couple of things, you just grow on it each time you play it.

Harry Pothead3590d ago

No1 said the game was bad, just racist.

RemmM3590d ago

I'm going to get Resident Evil 5...I love the RE series..I'm a big fan of it. Can't wait! The demo is awesome IMO.

N4360G3590d ago

One reason why you should,Killzone 2,well...that's only if you own a PS3 LOL.

Tarasque3590d ago

The only reason to cancel a pre order is the same thing i canceled my pre order for killzone 2 the controls suck.

matchgrade3589d ago

You do realize you can change the control settings, right? Much like you can change the channel on your television. See? You learned two things today.

It's sad that we as videogamers degenerated into such a level where we put down a game just because its default controls are bad, without even considering adjusting them.

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cmrbe3590d ago

an amazing game. Just not the survival horrors like R1,R2, and R3 which is fine.

The Matrix3590d ago

Why did I cancel my preorder of this game and plan on never even renting it?

1. Slow zombies. Lame.
2. Controls show how last last gen the game is.
3. Sound it horrible like RE4. It sounds like they recorded the sound from the other side of a wall.
4. Terrible and slow inventory system and hard aiming. Why would have thought it would be hard to hit a zombie moving .0001 mph in the head?

slave2Dcontroller3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Its Resident Evil and I loves it. I guess the controls turned off some old and new fans but damn. The controls are well... RE type controls. I know games like Dead Space have reinvented and capitized on the Survivor Horror genre and that all good.


Capcom started this Survivor Horror $#*% and this the muthaf^@*n thanks they get?!

rucky3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

I'm not cancelling my preorder despite being disappointed with the demo. Heck that might actually make me enjoy this game even more so I say bring it on!

TrevorPhillips3590d ago

dats aiight 1 luv god bless yall :)

Fruit Loops3590d ago

They have so much logic behind their disagrees -___-

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