Frontlines: Fuel of War Gameplay

Intense new visuals & GRAW-like gameplay.

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Boink4309d ago

some of it looked good, but it still has quite a bit of poilishing to go.

I hope they hit the the 50 person multiplayer they are shooting for:)

THAMMER14309d ago

I can tell it is on it's way. Dose any one get reminded of R: FOM when looking at this vid?

Drew4308d ago

I was getting the same vibe. Very similar visual style. I was thinking that it'd give Resistance a run for its money. Looks great, it's just too bad that Gamevideos mangled it with their horrible video player. Yuck.

ASSASSYN 36o4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

I will use this game to satisfy my need for a real world fps. Graw has become all about visuals and not gameplay. The seperate developers internal to ubisoft need to take notes from the Rainbow team on designing Fps games.

Drew4308d ago

This is set a good while into the future...

Check your facts first, kids.

ASSASSYN 36o4308d ago

1.I am 28 yrs old
2.This game is using aircraft and weapons from current technology
A. RAH-66 Comanche attack low-observable helicopter. (no-longer in development)
B.OICW (objective individual combat weapon) assault rifle.
C.Unmanned drones. R-Q1 predator, Unmanned Combat Aerial Rotorcraft (UCAR), a small unmanned attack helicopter, and COoperative Unmanned Ground Attack Robots (COUGAR) is a technology effort to investigate and demonstrate multiple unmanned systems cooperating for the purpose of delivering lethal fires. As such, the COUGAR is not a system, but a lethal capability that could transition into a variety of unmanned system programs including the FCS and Gladiator.

All of these were shown in the game. So little boy you just got educated on what is future tech and what is real world tech. Consider yourself PWNED with knowledge.

Drew4308d ago

Defensive much? I was using the term "kids" offhandedly. Jesus Christ, the people here are tightwads.

kornbeaner4308d ago

was annouced for the PS3 i remember reading my gameinformer when it was premered as a 360, PC exclusive.

Everything about the game sounds great.
This developer was founded by the guys who made Battlefield
but didn't want to sellout to EA.
So the moved on to this.
I believe they go by KUSH now.

power of Green 4308d ago

Good enough!, not up there with the more graphical empressive games though, the hit on the graphics better be the balance act of adding strong Multi player features ect, being Muti plat doesn't help either that's another balancing act on it's own.

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The story is too old to be commented.