The PlayStation Show Podcast Episode 37

EmilioZ and AustinD discuss:
Playable Content
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Bundle ($29.99)
MLB 09 The Show demo (free)
Resident Evil 5 demo
Killzone 2 Demo
Add-on Content
Burnout Paradise Party Pack ($9.99)
LittleBigPlanet Valentines Day mini-pack ($2.99)


F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin trailer
PAIN "Darts" trailer
PAIN "Fortress" trailer

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ediddy9993569d ago

I am Hilarious aren't I!

FireVader3569d ago

Hello there I work overnight at a Wal-mart here in Spring Hill FL and I listen to these guys all night while I am stocking the shelves at work and I am always cracking up and laughing to myself. I find there reviews helpful and laughable. I think that Ediddy999 one of the host is so funny and Austin D the other host is good but it is almost like a good cop vs a bad cop sometimes. What I mean by that is Ediddy999 loves the PS3 and everything it is about while Austin D just brings the Hate for the PS3....Love the difference in the going back and forth between the two and am laughing all night...I also love the going out Music too. Give this a try...Thanks