Obama set up a Wii station for the Superbowl

President Barack Obama has shown a lot of support for Nintendo's systems in recent weeks. There have been reports that he has played a bit of Wii Sports and helped his daughters locate their DSs. Now most recently, President Obama apparently set up a Wii station in the East Wing of the White House for the Superbowl.

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bbblockbird3420d ago

obama is a crapy president so its only right he supports a crap system

Magna Farta3419d ago

Seriously? He's been in less than a month and you think he's really doing a crappier job then his predecessor?

Sorry McCain's loss got you so butthurt. Hope you realize if Sarah "Book-banner" Palin got in playing games would more than likely be against the law.

bbblockbird3418d ago

yes he is crap he trying to pass a “stimulus plan ” that will triple our debt dumm ass democrats. im not using ass as an insult just that it is a democrats logo lmao

kewlkat0073418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

and Your worried about a 837 billion Stimulus plan that's suppose to help the current job losses and economic situation.

I agree there is pork in every bill but the Bill is not a Magic wand, like some want it to be. It should be a step in the right direction.

Anyhow back on topic: the Wii is a perfect choice for Obama and the little girls.

Enigma_20993418d ago

... and even I think that comment was asinine... why not wait until he screws up first!!!

Only good I see coming from this is that he may shoot down any anti-video game laws Hillary Clinton tries to pass instantly...

bbblockbird3418d ago

you all are complete misguided morons obama is the anti christ and u all whorship him y damit Y? the bill has nothing to do wit creating jobs just add on to debt and if u think obama isnt going to pass laws against playing games you are dumber then bush

Enigma_20993418d ago

... you're f*cking retartded. there's just no other way to explain it.

bbblockbird3418d ago

and you my friend need to look at facts and not resort to name calling u f***tard

CobraKai3417d ago

Sorry, but I don't beLIEve.

Enigma_20993417d ago

He's the anti-christ? okay, I'm SURE you have some solid evidence to back this up, right... right?

F***ing imbecile... why don't you just go ahead and throw a racial slur out there so we can REALLY see how stupid you are...

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vegnadragon3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I still remember when he was running for president. People claimed him to be a video game hater.

lord_of_balrogs3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

The Democrats want a Buy American policy, yet Obama is supporting a Japanese console over an American console. Way to buy american.......

That said, I'm Canadian so I don't support the Buy American legislation, because our country survives on exports, many of which goes to the States.

But the 360 is the best so the President should buy the best.

gumgum993419d ago

yes Wii can! yes Wii can!


KKanjiAnkh3419d ago

Play Mr.President whatever your color may be, and put some tact, back where it's needed.
4 all you racist/close minded simps, I hope your supposed to be perfect race, becomes diluted, with the the beauties of the world.

MerkinMax3418d ago

Walks off furious.../sarcasm

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