TVGB: Hands-on / Roogoo Attack and Roogoo Twisted Towers

TVGB writes: "In case you weren't around last year, we kind of fell in love with SouthPeak's puzzle game Roogoo. Fine, we didn't just fall in love with the game, we started stalking it and wouldn't leave it alone until it finally came out on XBLA. Still that wasn't enough for our shape matching and stacking cravings, we had to have more and we wanted it everywhere we went. Thankfully SouthPeak soon announced that Roogoo Attack would be heading to the DS and Roogoo Twisted Towers to the Wii, and there was much rejoicing (Yeaaa!!!).

Since the fundamentals of Roogoo are so basic - fit falling shapes into their corresponding shapes on platforms in order to stack up enough to move down to the next platform and eventually clear enough shapes to get through the level - we weren't too worried about the game's transition onto the two new consoles. So when we got some hands-on time with both games at the NYCC this year we were far more interested in what was new rather than if the game's mechanics transferred over well."

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