Gamespot: Deadly Creatures Review

Arachnids have never been embraced by modern society. With their multitude of legs and their mysterious nature, they create a healthy dose of fear in many unlucky enough to inadvertently cross their paths. Deadly Creatures does little to alleviate the inherent creepiness these critters carry with them. You'll alternate control between a scorpion and a tarantula, but there aren't any cartoon nods to make these creatures more endearing; these are realistic depictions of the terrifying creatures that have long haunted children's nightmares. Despite its vile protagonists, Deadly Creatures is an interesting and strangely satisfying adventure. As you travel through dank caves below the arid desert land, you won't find yourself growing any closer to these scream-inducers, but the twisted combat and utterly bizarre situations you'll find yourself in make this an engaging game.

The Good:
* Combat is satisfying
* Insects are realistically presented
* Boss fights are surprisingly epic.

The Bad:
* Not enough story
* Too few boss encounters.

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