G4TV: Stormrise Instructional Walkthrough: Whip Select, Select It Good

Get familiar with the whip-select gameplay-mechanics you'll use in SEGA and Creative Assembly's real-time strategy game Stormrise for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This instructional video shows the "seamless" control scheme which looks to revolutionize the perennial problem of console RTS controls.

Having played the Halo Wars demo, G4TV actually has hopes for control schemes "built from the ground up" to actually make the RTS genres playable on consoles. Despite the headway that games like EndWar, Stormrise, and Halo Wars have made, should the RTS fans just stick to the more than capable PC counterparts and forego their console brethren altogether?

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pippoppow3565d ago

Too bad. Like End War it is truly trying to bring RTS games on consoles to rival a PC RTS. Halo seems like a good RTS lite game at best with out a control scheme to rival similar PC RTS action. Devs need to come up with ways to compensate for the limitations of a control pad which hopefully Storm Rise addresses properly. Need to see some more of the game but it is looking good so far. If this game had Halo in the title I'm sure it would duely be getting more attention.

hippo243565d ago

No halo Is bringing the traditional RTS to the console, and From what Ive played, its a real advancement.

This game also looks good, but theyve released scarcely anything, and the "Snap" controls look,from where Im standing, to be very similar to End War.

Regardless anyone worth there salt is buying this for the PC, not a console. Halo Wars is forcing me to get it on console...which is very shrude.