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"There are few videogame experiences more exhilarating than playing MotorStorm in first-person mode, hurtling through the Dust Devil track in a rally car, with Wolfmother's "Woman" blasting in the background. The sense of barely controlled velocity is shockingly convincing thanks to the spectacular visuals, bouncy camerawork, glorious lighting, and (sometimes obstructive) splattering mud effects. It's a stunning and arguably peerless visual package, all presented with an achingly hip Burning-Man-meets-MotoX-weekend aesthetic that somehow begs as many comparisons with Wipeout as with something like ATV Offroad Fury . It's a game that will make you proud to own a PS3, and will consequently be fueling fanboy tirades on message boards across the Web for months to come."

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FeralPhoenix4307d ago

He said alot of great things about the game in the review, basicly the main reason for the "low" score was because in his words; "In short, it's simply because it's far too shallow an experience." -Personally I think that was a little harsh given all the other good things Motorstorm does bring to the table....(of course I haven't played it but from everything that I have seen and heard)...a 7.5?....hmmm, I think it should have scored better than that, but hey, if thats how he feels its his review and like all reviews its just one man's opinion.

BrotherSic4307d ago

after listening to the reviewer (John) on the 1up yours podcast, it kinda expected. The guy loves driving games and is disappointed by the single player game.

I personally have to agree (not that i have played the game) that it lacks features and at the end of the day its an off road racer with very good graphics.

THAMMER14307d ago

I know this review is going to bring out the worst in some of our members. But I totaly agree at the end of the day it is only an off road racer. 8 tracks is pretty slim for a game on a Blu Ray disc. I thought the extra space was there for developers to full take advantage of.

But over all I would not buy this game but it looks like a game that you could get to show off what your new system can do.

FirstknighT4307d ago

A game that supposedly used all of it's blue ray capacity should have more features. Having 8 tracks on a blue ray disc is unacceptable and I'm sure sonyboys agree but they wont admit to it.

The ps3 still hasn't cracked the 90 average! No AAA title yet! Oh up....Lair!

TheGoodMART4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Wow, did you know that GT gave VT5 a 9.8 out of 10? And plus this is the only website that gave it a 7.5 the rest gave it a 9.0 and up!
In kazakhstan we piss on 360 fanboys like you.....NOT

r10004307d ago

"Even if this is true"... the PS3 still has 8 months to release a good game like the 360 had it's Full years....

But something tells me it won't take that long

weekapaugh4307d ago

any objective gamer who is not pushing their own agenda can see that this is an AAA title. if they can get this type of quality from a 1st gen title, can't wait for gen 2.

THAMMER14307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

I agree bias can be a bad thing. I just try my best to be honest about my opinions and let others have there own. You can usually tell when people have a problem with people expressing them self freely and openly because of how they type. Right?

Chagy4307d ago

is gonna be great point blank it does not matter what it gets for review it matters if you enjoy the game or not

THAMMER14307d ago

I agree. I still say that 8 tracks for any race game is slim though.

techie4307d ago

I know you keep saying that...but lets think about that for a second. Racing games that quote lots of tracks are games like Forza, or GT, or F1...that's because they are normal tracks that have one route.

But when you look at racing games like Burnout and Motorstorm...they are not so much "tracks" but environments, with different routes, different ways to go...Burnout games have from 5 to 8 tracks just so you know...and it never gets boring to play the same tracks over and over again as long as they are strong, and Burnout only recently added short cuts and different route - motorstorm has that from the get go in HD.

Just my two pennies..

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The story is too old to be commented.