God of War III updates on PlayStation Blog this Friday at 9am pacific!

Sony's PlayStation Blog will be featuring an update on God of War III this Friday! Just a small bit from SCEA's Twitter account:

"The God of War III press event wrapped. Look for updates on the blog this Friday at 9am pacific!"

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Gerry Mark II3509d ago

(you would of had to played the game to get this)

Shadow Man3509d ago

I love the first 2 god of war games. This is the most anticipated game this gen.

No killzone or gears or halo can stop this monster!!!

queerbearandchicken3509d ago

Gameinformer, 1up, now this

when's Obama doing his GOW3 announcement?

Serjikal_Strike3509d ago

i would pay to see that

rivithed3509d ago

LOL, you mean Obama hasn't said anything yet? Isn't it part of the economic stimulus plan?

San Frandisco3509d ago


friday the 13th anyone?

Jinxstar3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

This is my most anticipated game of.... Well I can only say I think Zelda OOT was up there and Donkey kong Country... Apart from that I can't think of anything...

I almost don't want to look at screens and such because i want to be floored when the game comes out.... This game will be EPIC on a scale yet to be seen or matched for a very long time.

IzKyD13313509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )


Doppy3509d ago

Why do we have to wait until friday.

ash_divine3508d ago

It's not your opinion, it's the obnoxious way you expressed it.

by the way, I'm not one of the ones who disagree.

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xhi43509d ago

this YEAR or even early next!!

my geuss is march next year! But it might even be around christmas, but maybe not because they'll want uncharted to sell well.

Most logical = march next year or even around february with GT 5 soon after

Most wishful = this year!

what do you guys think?

labaronx3509d ago

Now that Killzone 2 is about to be released the hype for the Playstation 3 is being spread to other sony exclusives. First it was Uncharted 2 and now God of war 3, which I am confident will be available in november 09.

Also look for Sony to Announce offical release dates for Heavy Rain, Infamous, and Fre Realms before the month is over.

xhi43509d ago

sony would push God of War 3 back to the year after because Uncharted 2 is coming out in novemeber as well?

ash_divine3508d ago

I read on this very site that Uncharted 2 was dropping in October. So from October to December seems like a good gap for the two games.

NicCageMYHero3508d ago

Never owned a PS2 so I've never played either GoW1 or 2...I recently bought a PS3 (not backwards compatible...fffffffff) and want to know HOW excited I should get...A). I loved DMC4 and similar are they? and B). Besides buying a PS2, how can I get the backstory of Kratos and his epic shenanigans?

Jake the Muss3508d ago

You could try Chains of Olympus on the PSP (if you have one)... it might not quite fill you in on everything, but you get a glimpse into why Kratos seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Some say it is fairly similar to NG2 being a "hack and slash" (except without the frustratingly hard difficulty level)... not sure about DMC4, haven't played that yet.

lokiroo4203508d ago

Find a ps2 play them and then you tell us, kind of hard to express the excitement this game brings.

NicCageMYHero3508d ago

Thanks...i'm going to borrow a buddy's PS2...gotta play God of War, right?

Jake the Muss3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Huh, 3 lolcats in a row... nice.

EDIT: Borrowing a PS2 would be a good idea to help you get excited, but not essential. Alternatively, you could imagine what kind of foul mood you would be in if you killed your wife and daughter, got covered in their ash and was a slave to the gods of Olympus... and presto, you have Kratos - one angry man.

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