Neocrisis : Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Sega Valkyrian writes "The demo of Killzone 2 has created high praise from the gaming community for its jaw dropping graphics and intense gameplay. Over many years of doubt and uncertainty, Killzone 2 was forced to delay in order to assure the Playstation 3 gamers that it would live up to the E3 2005 trailer. Although some issues still exist, it has broken its own ground as another great shooter. Whether it will stand among giants like Half-Life 2 or Call of Duty 4 remains to be seen in the next few months. For now lets discuss the 1200 megabyte demo on PSN."

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jazzking20013533d ago

i cant wait to play the game

jazzking20013533d ago

i heard that the feb 27 street date was broken

TheColbertinator3533d ago

Yeah it was in some Middle Eastern nation.Too bad Sony won't allow you to play online if you have a leaked build