Official Nintendo Magazine apologizes for issue delay, promises big news on the way

Gonintendo writes: "Reader BadassBill just got this apology letter from ONM. He was notified that the next issue wouldn't arrive until February 14th, but for good reason…

"This is a courtesy email just to let you know that you will be receiving your next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine on or around the 14th February. The delay is due to some great exclusive content that has resulted in us having to send out your subscription copy slightly later than planned.

With best wishes

Official Nintendo Magazine

Fulfilment Team"

I've never seen a magazine outlet do something like this. We've been down this road before, but will ONM really deliver this time?"

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Smacktard3534d ago

Wasn't this issue already released? And it had exclusive info about The Conduit's multiplayer, or something?