Joystiq: The Resident Evil 5 FAQ

Joystiq: "Fans have been starving for more Resident Evil 5 info. The upcoming PS3/Xbox 360 continuation of the popular survival horror series is but a month away, and we're here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the game.

When is it coming out?
Resident Evil 5 will be available in North America and Europe on March 13, 2009. Japan will get the game a week earlier, on March 5.

What are the controls like?
If you've played Resident Evil 4, the controls will be very familiar. You won't be able to move and aim at the same time. In order to shoot, players must stop and aim the gun. With the default controls, a knife can be used by holding down a left shoulder button. This weapon is used mostly for opening crates, but can also be used to damage enemies lightly. When enemies are stunned, players can run forward and do a melee attack."

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