GGL: Doom 4 motion-capture interview

GGL recently got a chance to sit down with actor Brad Hawkins, who was chosen as one of the motion capture actors for id software's upcoming Doom 4.

Hawkins gave us some photos from his time on the id Software set and revealed new information about the game's setting, namely: Civilians will be armed and headed to battle in the title, further lending credence to the idea that Doom 4 is set on Earth...

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TheColbertinator3598d ago

I can't wait for Doom 4.That id Tech 5 engine will crush UE3 to dust

Kain813598d ago

i want to see what the megatexturing can.

Cajun Chicken3598d ago

Yep. It also helps I really liked Doom3's engine and the games it ran.

specialguest3598d ago

Remember back when Doom 3 use to be the graphics champion. Currently Crysis has that title, but I'm pretty sure Doom 4 will raise the graphics bar again.

Marquis_de_Sade3597d ago

Tech 5 is going to crush everything to dust ;). Before PS3/Killzone fanboys jump in, try looking up the Tech 5 engine before you hit disagree. Doom 4 and Rage are going to be plain awesome! I sadly don't have a PC that will be able to play Doom 4 like it's meant to be, but I bought a PS3 to play the best console version of Rage.

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killzone2flop3598d ago

I can't wait for Doom 4.That id Tech 5 engine will crush KillZone 2 Engine to dust.

TheColbertinator3598d ago

It definitely will.After Carmack and id are done,the only team left to compete with on the graphics bar will be Crytek.

NegativeCreepWA3598d ago

I hope they do the co-op right this time.

Alcohog3598d ago

Remember 'Final Doom'? Lols.

Viper73598d ago

I really didnt like the changes they had made for the Doom3. For me it was some sort of retarted flashlight tag with monsters in close corridors..

Where did all the fun go?

I really hope Doom4 will be more like serious sam or pain killer but with better plot and taking the more "serious" route. I want to get the feeling of grapping that super shotgun and blasting a half a dozen enemies to the wall with it.
when talking about doom waves of 2-3 enemies are not enough, we need atleast 20 to bring on some action :P

If Doom4 is yet a gain another "fear" flaslight tag, call of duty wannabe from space or half life copy. I am not going to bother myself with it.

Cajun Chicken3598d ago

As much as I liked the new gamplay of Doom3, I feel what you mean, it would be great if ID went back to old school and went the Serious Sam and Painkiller path on us again, but I think ID has moved on. I think that Serious Sam 3 and Necrovision might be the only outlet for that type of gameplay now.

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