Q&A with Killzone 2 Development Director Arjan Brussee's Ben Carrozza sits down and talks with Guerrilla Games' Arjan Brussee about some of the production behind Killzone 2.

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THC CELL3591d ago

developers now will think alot about ps3 and development

to be honest GG has shown a lot of ps3/mp developers up

GameGambits3591d ago

I completely agree. It makes me sad knowing some of the more enjoyed multiplatform games this generation could have been 100X better if they had picked the PS3 exlusive road. When you really start to see what the PS3 is capable of in making a game, then you just hit this awe inspiring moment to be proud to own one.

I love my 360, Wii, and PS3, but for now PS3 is the crown gem of pushing games further---K2 being a prime example in just graphics and A.I. alone.

Shane Kim3591d ago

Great article. The guy was straight to the point and honest about his opinions.