Kojima at GDC: "We'll be making announcements before the show", says Konami"

Konami's confirmed to VG247 that it's to make announcements related to Kojima's GDC keynote before the event.

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killzone2flop3568d ago

I knew it it's a xbox360 game which he has been working on since mgs4.

TOO PAWNED3568d ago

My "firend" P.P, i (Dennis Dyack) know Kojima personally, we are friends, and he told me that he will never work on 360, even if someone pointed a gun at him and said "Do it!", he would rather die as proud samurai as he is.
He even told me what his next game is, i have seen it, it is amazing.
I can't tell you much, other than it is 100% PS3 exclusive.

CID3568d ago

Yeah and he will keep working on it till the next xbox and the next one after that.

Why dis3568d ago

MGS4 and FF Versus will come to the 360 like Tekken etc.

OmarJA3568d ago

will Mass Effect 2 & Spilnter Cell Convictation will come to the PS3 like BioShock 2 & Dead Rising 2 etc...

American hardwares = piece of fuking sh!t.

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PirateThom3568d ago

Taking bets:

"Project 'S'"
"Zone of the Enders"
"Kojima's FPS"
"Metal Gear Solid 4: Substantial"
"Metal Gear Solid 5"

Why do we think?

drpepper61213568d ago

My money is on the announcement of Metal Gear Solid 4: Subsistence.

labaronx3568d ago

Finally more info on the Metal Gear Solid for the Iphone and the FPS he was working on.

ActionBastard3568d ago

I see your ZOE3 and raise you Zombie MMO.

hazeblaze3568d ago

Making the impossible possible... Not trying to start any flame wars, but I think this could really hint at making the MGS tech work on the 360. I've already beat the game on the PS3, and am a bigger fan of the PS3 than the 360... but I think it's a real possibility.

hazeblaze3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

More information on the iphone app is also a pretty good guess actually... didn't think about that!

Although the only announcement I'd really like to hear is a new ZOE for the PS3! That would actually become my most anticipated game on the horizon actually. I don't mind if MGS4 goes multiplat, but if he's working on ZOE, I do hope he keeps it PS3 exclusive.

Kulupoo3568d ago

I would love to see a snatcher game remake.
but another new IP from Kojima wouldnt be bad at all =D

Freak of Nature3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Lots uf cash up for grabs with a 360 port.I know PS3 only fans dont want to hear it,but,it is something they must look at business wise.I loved it on the PS3,and know that any true gamer,that owns only the X360 and not the Ps3 would run as fast as possible to get their hands on a copy for the X360.....Making the impossible possible does make one think.

MGS5 announced,where he acts as the producer only?

Zone of the enders?

My personal wish would be for an entire new IP along with MGS5...

Bonsai12143568d ago

ZOE3!!!!! PLEASE be true!!

40cal3568d ago

dude, that video is some funny $h!t.

Kojima working on something new? Hmm I have no idea but we will find out soon enough.

gamesmaster3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

thanks for the valuable input why dis, i marvel at your intellectual wisdom.

on topic, ZOE 3 please.

PirateThom3568d ago

Why do people keep posting that video?

That's Why Dis here and Mart in the Open Zone.

You are aware the Onion is parody, aren't you?

Mainman3568d ago

I very much doubt he is working on an FPS (and yes, I am aware that he visited western dev's that make FPS games).

AnttiApina3568d ago

I want to see Project S...Snatcher was a godlike game. Zombie MMO would be awesome too!

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TOO PAWNED3568d ago

What ever it might be, please let it be console game!
Not some Iphone or Dsgame.

TheColbertinator3568d ago

Lunar Knights 2 for DS. ^__^