IGN: SFIV Montage: Fei-Long

Prepare to witness the might of Street Fighter?s Bruce Lee tribute.

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GrieverSoul3591d ago

Someone´s been messing up the gamesaves with this game! Trophy messages keep appearing saying they didnt earn them!

Also, this game is played 2D? I must have been living under a rock cause i had the idea its played like Soul Calibur in the 2d plane fight but 3d dodges and moves were permited. My bad I guess.

Also, why does this say X360 gameplay on the website! The messages show its the PS3 version.

HDgamer3591d ago

I was wondering the same thing. It was really weird to see them use the ps3 version on the xbox 360. Reminds me a bit of gametrailers.

Solbadguy3591d ago

The reason I decided to get SF4. What happened to T. Hawk?

akumous3591d ago

Well it goes to show that despite the versions being displayed aren't final builds, they both look pretty identical and mirrors the arcade port flawlessly, respectively.