Crave Online: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Impressions

Crave Online writes:

"After three strenuous days at the New York Comic Con I've returned having played the new Ghostbusters video game from Atari. I've been looking forward to getting my game on with this sucker for quite some time and it finally happened (jealous?). And while the game still has some minor kinks to work out, it's overall very impressive and is a perfect compliment to the original Ghostbuster films. This is of course due to the original cast returning to their roles as New York City's paranormal protectors. Every character sounds like just you remember them, and with the brief demo I was able to play I got quite a few laughs from lines spit by Bill Murray's Peter Venkman. The player models also visually mirror their actor counter-parts which is another nice touch even though you don't get to control any of them; instead playing as a completely new character to the Ghostbusters universe."

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