Gamezine: Do video games negatively affect our brain?

Gamezine: 'A new scientific study links video games to anxiety epidemics in young people.

British tabloid The Sun reports on a new study that links violent video games to stress. This in itself is not surprising, but what might be of importance is that stress disorders can develop.

According to the report, video games cause a 'fight or flight' reaction that triggers an adrenaline surge. The danger is that this chemical remains in the body since no physical action follows.

The above results stand contrary to an Oxford University study, which found that video games could reduce stress. Gamers who played Tetris immediately after a traumatic event appeared to suffer less post-traumatic stress symptoms.

However, all of the studies appear to agree that video games can affect our brain states in a significant way. This could be seen as dangerous, but with a more optimistic point-of-view, it could be seen as an empowering feature of the medium.'

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i doubt they do but some of the people on here do make you wonder...

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ROFLMAO! That made me laugh hysterically.


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lol true. Some of these guys are mad.

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watching a sporting event when you have 100$ down on the game do to you probably scrambles a couple of brain cells ...