GamingTarget: Halo 3: ODST First Impressions

GamingTarget writes: "Halo Week continues with our look at what may be the last Halo game from Bungie, Halo: ODST."

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Cherchez La Ghost3568d ago

Sounds interesting. I hope the price is around $15-$20 for 5-7 hours of gameplay. But then again, the multiplayer will be the highlight.

NaiNaiNai3568d ago

really then killzone should be about 15-20 as well since its story is only 8 or so hours long. if that.

003567d ago

leave killzone out of this.

Tony P3567d ago

What the heck is the difference between "stand-alone expansion" and a completely new game? If you don't need Halo 3 to play it, I'm not sure why you don't just call it a prequel/sequel/spinoff. It irks me, irrationally.

Of course none of that has any bearing on whether the game will be awesome or not.

NaiNaiNai3567d ago

look i said killzone 2 without saying something bad. XD OMG the worlds going to end.

anywyas, Halo ODST, is going to be stand alone, so it should be full price. i dought it would be 20-30 bucks since halo 3 still sells new 49.99-59.99 depending on were you go *stores, not online*

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Dragunov3567d ago

Longer than gears 2 then and probably with a better multiplayer, or at least non broken :)

TheBand1t3567d ago

I'll probably play it at my cousin's house, since it's supposed to feel more tactical than the other Halos, right?

Ldubbz3567d ago

but this wasnt anything I didnt already know or assume.

shovelbum3567d ago

Sounds good. I expect a $39.99 price tag. Oh wait, it has Halo in the title so maybe 45 bucks then. Either way I'm on board since I've paid full price for some pretty bad games that came in around that same timeframe for story mode.

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