PS3/360 games We'd like to see on Wii

In light of EA announcing Dead Space on Wii, we have decided to look at what games from current next-gen systems we think could make the transition to Wii.

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Arsenal4Ever3565d ago

ps3/360 games that we'd like to see on Wii? Absolutely none, as for Wii games to PS3/360 i'd say Mario and Super Smash Brothers.

qface643565d ago

meh i wouldn't care if any of those games made it on wii

id like a gta game on the wii just not gta4 id prefer something new from the ground up

kunit22c3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I only care about LBP and resident evil 5 the rest I dont care about at all you can go ahead and have them ps360.

raiden_933565d ago

I'd like to see Street Fighter IV on Wii, the art style just seems suited for it. Maybe not the controls though...

PS360WII3565d ago

RE5 yes please :) the rest on that list I can do without them on the Wii.

raiden_933565d ago

I'm not too sure how well Resident Evil 5 would do on Wii. For one the online co-op would be difficult to pull off with Friendcodes getting in the way.

Voiceofreason3565d ago

Friends codes are not required for all forms of online play...Oh and how would putting in a code one time make the game unplayable? I really just do not get that one.

fafoon3565d ago

Try Killzone 2 on for size

That little contraption would explode !!!!!

Voiceofreason3565d ago

Yeah but pop it on the 360 and they could bump up the frame rate and resolution.

In all seriousness though, it is a sad day when so many PS fans are so excited for just another shooter in a long line of shooters.

GEESE3565d ago

@raiden_93 that goes for sf4 also. Sorry, but it's true. But that's what Nintendo did to get cheap console out, used last gen gamecube specs.

SinnedNogara3565d ago

I doubt it. They are using Xbox graphics and seeing how the Riddick game looked on the original Xbox, they could do very better.

On topic: I think that REZ, Black, a new Resident Evil game on the Wii, Mirror's Edge, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy XI, a remake of the first Ninja Gaiden, and Metal Gear Essential Collection.


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