Mozilla reveals plans for Firefox 3.2

Mozilla is planning to include simple-text commands and desktop web apps in the next version of Firefox.

Firefox 3.2 will see the company build the Mozilla Labs project, Ubiquity, into the browser. Ubiquity allows users to type natural language phrases into the browser to perform certain tasks, such as typing "map 10 Downing Street" to instantly see a Google map of that address, or "share-on-delicious" to bookmark the site you're currently visiting on the social news site.

New features

Other new features expected to arrive in Firefox 3.2 are "lightweight theming", which will allow people to customise the design of the browser without downloading separate extensions, and elements of another Labs project called Prism.

Prism is similar to a feature introduced with Google Chrome, which allows you to turn web apps such as Gmail into pseudo desktop apps, which are accessed from the Windows desktop or Start menu.

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Super-Brad3567d ago

wow firefox is one of the best browsers there is.

Lord Anubis3567d ago

yay. i hope 3.2 gets here fast. Lots of cool stuff.

xwabbit3567d ago

Man i just found out you could do this with fire fox!

uie4rhig3567d ago

awesome extension.. i have been using it very often since i installed it..

Blasphemy3567d ago

Firefox just keeps getting better and better. I can already see me loving the Ubiquity feature.

jamesrocks31473567d ago

i use to use it alot but now i use opera

not a popular browser but god it has some awesome features unlike firefox its ace

Cra1g3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

They reveal plans for 3.2 but then at the end of the article, they say if they're not sure whether or not they will release 3.2 or just go straight to 4.0.......????